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Our Capabilities

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, the distance learning concept has brought a huge transformation that resulted in eLearning platforms offered by ed-tech companies. The reshaping of the educational system is still in the process. We are your perfect software development partners who could help you leverage the huge opportunities in this multi-billion dollar industry.

SIS Software

We are aimed at helping universities, schools, and other educational institutions with an SIS software system. With smart analytics, the secured student data will be used to implement better learning plans, schedules, and targeted learning.

From managing student data to attendance, examination, and payments - we integrate features based on your needs to build a scalable SIS software application. We consult, design, develop, and deploy centralized SIS software systems to elevate students’ learning experiences.

LMS Software

Bytes Technolab is a trusted eLearning management system (LMS) development company that offers services to build a custom LMS from scratch. Our expertise also helps you to redesign and develop an existing LMS with interactive design and engaging features using gamification and AR-VR to deliver immersive eLearning experiences.

We build a centralized LMS system that will help you easily manage your documents, schedule tasks, and upload/deliver courses or training programs.

SIS Software

Our K-12 software solutions are custom-built for efficient school management and suit various needs of the users. The interfaces we develop for school staff, parents, students, and super admin will be aesthetically engaging, user-friendly, and beautiful. We can also integrate an educational ERP system that simplifies student management and campus operations.

Increase your brand value by delivering unique digital learning experiences with top K-12 school management software systems built by our experts.

SIS Software

Enrich your on-demand tutor app or a full-stack eLearning platform with features like live video lectures, learning material in various formats, etc. Leverage the benefits of integrated live video/audio conference tools and media streaming video components to accommodate learners from anywhere in the world.

Premium features like HQ session recording, document sharing in various formats, chat window, etc. can be integrated for the ultimate teaching and learning.

eLearning Apps

The most successful eLearning applications that we develop are promised to deliver excellent, flexible, and scalable remote (distance) learning experiences. With expertise in native mobile app development and hybrid app development, we will help you build an app based on your business needs with full-fledged functionalities.

Your eLearning apps will have integrated features powered by cutting-edge technologies (like AI-ML, AR-VR & Gamification) to add brand value.

SIS Software

We are the best in the business when it comes to develop a custom ERP for the education system. With a full-stack system with integrated ERP, you can plan, manage, and assign the right resources to the students in a hassle-free way. Features like calendar management to monitor teacher schedules, payroll, and API integrations to manage external processes will make it an all-in-one eLearning app.

Our ERP solutions will help you with efficient resource management, bring business transparency, and simplify complex processes with ease.

Add-Ons We Can Bring to the Table



Our knowledge will help you build a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) with unmatched features that will challenge the giants like Udemy or Coursera.



Integration of gamification will bring life to your eLearning apps. Contact our experts to know how we can enhance engagements & stimulate conversions.


Smart Campus

Get a system with Connected Faculty & eLibrary features that will help universities attract the right students, add academic value, and optimize routine processes.

What Do We Promise?

Our industry experience will help you build GDPR-compliant apps that are intuitive, engaging, and compliant. We develop bespoke eLearning and ed-tech software solutions (web & mobile apps) that are 100% compliant with education industry standards such as:

  • xAPI
  • LTI
  • CIPA
  • AICC
  • GLBA

‘Level Up’ Your Learning Apps With

We build you a custom eLearning app that aligns with your goals, and user needs. By strategic integration of AI-ML, AR-VR, Big Data, etc., the apps developed by us will foster engaging and personalized learning experiences.


AI Tools

AI-integrated solutions will help to suggest courses based on student data & build text-to-speech, speech-to-text, writing assistance, and proofreading.



Hire software experts who will help you plan and implement unique gamification strategies no one would have heard of to cater to learners’ delight.

 i3rd ntegration

3rd-Party Integration

Upon identifying your goals & market needs, our industry experts will integrate 3rd-party ERP, CRM, LMS, or SIS systems to make an eLearning app.

 Migration to Cloud

Migration to Cloud

An essential upgrade as it will make information accessible to the students, tutors, and platform admins with optimum security from anywhere.

AI Development Tools & Frameworks We Use

Perks of Engagement with Us


30-Hour Free Consultation

A FREE workshop with multiple sessions with industry experts to share queries and get recommendations to form a solid foundation of success, right from the start.


Strict NDA

It is our promise to keep your project ideas & data confidential. We are professionals who offer a strict non-disclosure agreement policy that legally binds us in doing so.


100% Quality Product

Our education industry experts will analyze every step of your business operations to choose the best features & right tech stack to build a scalable product.


Long-term Relations

Success is a synergy between partners that grows over years of trust. We also expect & maintain that with full transparency to build top-notch relationships.

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