Retail Sector


What scripts the success of your retail business? The retail industry needs measurable performance of their upfront investments, so a solution equipped with modern tools is highly expected to reduce risks and increase business prospects. Bytes Technolab’s unique retail solutions are turbo charged to eliminate complexities between the physical and virtual retails.

Being a leading retail solution provider, we know better than anyone else how to help legacy retailers to move forward by integrating with eCommerce solutions that deliver real-time consumer engagement across online and offline platforms. Thereby, to combine commerce with customers and technology, we bring state-of-the-art retail business applications; were imagine the customer engagement rules and also loyalty programs. Our customer optimization programs are customized as per retail needs, so you can drive better ROI.We are a reliable Retail Application Development Company. Our widest range of retail solutions is best suited for every industry from home & furnishing, sporting goods, pharmacy, apparel and footwear and many to name a few.

With us, your customer loyalty program application works at scale in alignment with our integrated CRM system. Keep a track of customer behavior to bring them back to your shop with exciting and targeted promotional campaigns.Get a complete view of sales transactions through our advanced Point-of-Sale solution. Check everything product pricing, promotions and more. POS-based inventory and order fulfillment applications are other capabilities to help you fulfill online orders and also merchandise management.

Do more with print tickets for order fulfillment, shipping carrier integrations, pricing and many with us efficiently and easily.

  • Retail ERP development
  • CRM
  • Retail Loyalty Program
  • eCommerce retail solutions
  • Lead Management system
  • Mobile commerce
  • eCommerce solutions
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Retail Software development
  • Retail analytics
  • Vendor Management
  • Online Marketplace management
  • Inventory & Fulfilment