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We Redefine Manufacturing

We collaborate with you to build software apps that meet the exact needs of manufacturing. Our expertise is in crafting web and mobile apps to monitor and automate procurement & production chains, data analysis, logistics, inventory management, and more. Have a look at some of the solutions we can build for you.

Production Planning

Engineering to build an efficient production planning system with real-time monitoring of production processes, scheduling, and advanced production capacity planning. With proven expertise, our software engineers will bring a touch of automation and smart analytics to empower your decision-making and cut overall losses.

Our custom manufacturing software development will help you with functionalities focused on inventory management, work-order transaction management, sales forecasting, BI-powered reporting & visualization, etc.


Specialized in manufacturing ERP and CRM software development, we help global enterprises and SMEs to elevate through robust and secure ERP/CRM solutions. To minimize complexities and maximize efficiency, we design, build, and integrate robust CRM solutions that foster automation.

ERP & CRM integration will allow you manage your resources, vendors, and customers effectively and maximize profitability.

Order Inventory

Manufacturing companies follow the production line that is based on either of the two things: a planned distributed strategy and consumer/market demands. We can help to develop a custom inventory management system that can take order requests to result in an efficient inventory fulfillment process to maintain stocks, at all times.

This will help you nullify all the possibilities and problems related to over-stock or under-stock.

Logistics Software

We can help you ideate, design, develop, and deploy a centralized logistics software application that will help you monitor and manage 360° aspects of your shipping and logistics operations. This also includes smart warehouse management and fleet management software systems which we can build independently or integrate with your existing systems.

Choose us and get maximum efficiency as loads, stocks, trips, and beat distribution, and everything gets organized.

Predictive Maintenance

Our engineers fetch machine data, including historical and the data fetched from vibration levels, electric current, and decibel (dB) levels of the equipment, using various sensors. With the power of IoT, AI & ML, and Big Data technologies, we build precise AI models depicting the periodic predictive maintenance of the machinery. This also applies to the vehicles in your fleet with vehicle diagnostic systems.

It will help you cut the huge losses in the maintenance of your fleet and machinery, maximizes performance, and predict their life cycle.

Other Manufacturing Solutions We Offer

Group 3685

Big Data Processing

Our top data scientists will study, analyze, and reduce the complexity to filter out high-quality data of your customers, operations, risks involved, and others.

Group 3685-1

OHS System

An Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) system based on your needs using the right set of next-gen technologies to implement risk prevention and a safe environment.

Group 3685-2

SaaS-based ERP

Build your own SaaS-based ERP to help manufacturing companies have a personalized platform to communicate, collaborate, share docs, and follow policies.

Your #1 System Integrators

Whether it is about integrating IoT, AI & ML, Computer Vision, etc., or various platforms with existing manufacturing software applications to boost functionalities to make businesses efficient, we are the top choice. We can integrate your custom manufacturing software application with popular platforms like:

  • Deltek
  • Epicor
  • Infor
  • IQMS
  • Plex
  • Tervene

Crafting Upscaling Innovations

Our growth hackers and innovators will help your manufacturing business to scale in all areas by using the right set of next-gen technologies leveraging our proven expertise.

 Cloud Menufacturing

Cloud Manufacturing

Get a secure cloud-based solution that allows all your manufacturing capabilities and resources on platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

 Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Integration of BI tools with intelligent dashboards to deliver great insights for improved decisions and nullify issues of quality, resources, processes, etc.



Leveraging the power of IoT to bring desired automation in all departments of production, warehouse, and logistics to boost productivity.

 AI - ML


Using AI-ML models in quality monitoring, fault prevention, predictive maintenance, supply chain, and process scheduling to boost decision making.

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100% Quality

Our manufacturing software developers will analyze every step of your diverse operations to choose the best features & right tech stack to build a scalable app.


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Success is a synergy between partners that grows over years of trust. We also expect & maintain that with full transparency to build top-notch relationships.

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