Bytes Technolab Inc. Adds Another Feather To Their Cap, Becomes Amasty Bronze Partner

Jun 21, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Bytes Technolab Inc is one of the companies that have officially become a proud Amasty Bronze Partner. The full-range web application Development Company based in India, providing innovative web development, eCommerce solutions, and mobile application development services, successfully acquired the coveted partner status. Bytes Technolab Inc. has been making use of a lot of Magento plugins in the projects. Various previous ecommerce development projects have been successfully piloted using Magento tools. With this partnership, Bytes Technolab Inc. will be able to elevate their skill set and present even better quality work.

Amasty is a team of over 100 experts with years of expertise developing Magento 1 and Magento 2 eCommerce solutions. Over 250 extensions, 80,000+ clients globally, and hundreds of partners from 80 countries are just a few of our accomplishments. Amasty became The First Premier Magento Extension Builder in 2017 and is now a fast-growing firm whose solutions help both seasoned corporate customers and industry newcomers succeed. Amasty offers a wide range of Magento extensions designed to streamline the online store management process and allow merchants to do routine tasks in minutes.

As Amasty Bronze Partner, Bytes Technolab Inc has access to – High priority support and account management, Progressive discounts and custom offers, Full access to Amasty extensions for joint and early testing; and Joint Blogging, Marketing, and SEO Activities. All these benefits are shared by us with our clients to take their eCommerce game to a whole new level.

Bytes Technolab Inc partnerships have always been very strategic and hand-picked. Referral bonuses, suite compatibility, or such, aren’t factors in our partner selection. Instead, we work with the top tech firms in their fields, and only recommend them if they are the best fit for our client’s solution.

This joint partnership with such an exceptional Magento Bronze Industry partner means a lot to Bytes Technolab Inc, and we are certain that this integration will provide us with new experiences and opportunities to satisfy our clients’ expectations.

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