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Our Logistics App Capabilities

We have been integrating emerging technologies (IoT, AI & ML, Big Data) to automate your fleet, freight, warehouse, and supply chain operations. The following are the areas our tech team gives focused emphasis on while building a software product for you.

Supply Chain

Experts at Bytes Technolab are making it possible by bringing the power of Smart Contracts on Blockchain with IoT sensors to foster automated delivery with precise tracking. We can transform the SCM ecosystem by integrating IoT sensors to gather real-time data into the mix. With a dynamic dashboard, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights with pinpoint precision.

This will help you optimize your inventory management, supply chain management systems, and even fleet management process.

Fleet Management

Do you run a business with a large fleet? We empower businesses to automate operations and resolve problems related to cost savings, inefficiency, and productivity with custom fleet management software. Our solutions include real-time features like vehicle telematics, route optimization, predictive maintenance, tracking driving behavior, asset tracking, etc.

It will bring transparency, road safety, fuel efficiency, reduced overheads, and 360-degree operational advantage.

Taxi Booking

If it is an Uber-like cab or taxi booking app, a ride-sharing, or a vehicle rental app you are looking to build, we’ve got your back. We will build a modern app with beautiful and user-friendly UI/UX with precise pick-up & drop-off, an advanced trip fare estimator, real-time maps for track & routes, multiple digital payment options, transactions, SOS, reviews & ratings, etc.

Get an absolute 30-hour free consultation for your next taxi booking or vehicle rental app development project.

Freight Brokers

We will transform your freight business into a stronghold by building robust & scalable freight broker software solutions. A feature-rich solution that instantly empowers you to handle your shipments effortlessly. Some noteworthy features are live freight tracking, driver status, automated, dispatch management, email automation, customer/sales portal, carrier & tracking, etc.

We put great emphasis on API integration, BI-powered forecasting, and secured cloud-based freight software using AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud for remote accessibility.

Traffic Management

Whether you are working for the government or owning a private business, we could help you with a tailor-made traffic management app. We could implement various features like real-time traffic monitoring with GPS technology & telematics devices, navigation, route optimization, accident detection, violations, data visualization, etc.

Get started with experts to build a smart traffic management software to discuss the tech stack, APIs, features fitting to your ideas, estimation, BI integration, and more.

Add-ons We Can Bring to the Table


Asset Tracking

Use IoT sensors, GPS, RFID tags, QR codes, beacons, etc. to build a system that helps you monitor & track your assets in transit.



Help sustainable electric transportation fleet entities to deliver EV-friendly app solutions to find charging stations & routes.


Urban Mobility

Meet demands of urbanism by building software solutions & apps for parking management, ride-hailing, car sharing, etc.

We’ll Go the Extra Mile

Leveraging our decade-long success, we will recommend the right tech stack to build a web or mobile app and build a top-notch app for your logistics business.

Our capabilities expand towards the following:

  • Yacht Booking App
  • Ride-sharing App
  • Car Rental Platform
  • Movers & Packers App
  • Bike-sharing App
  • Truck/Bus Booking App
  • Garage Service platform
  • Car Buy/Sell marketplace
Transportation & Logistics

“Level Up” Your Solutions With



The use of IoT devices, sensors, and integration with the existing apps will prolong the life of your vehicle fleet, cut down maintenance costs, and ensure timely deliveries.



We help to ideate, develop, implement, and integrate conversational bots and smart route optimization tools to learn usual traffic patterns, avoid traffic and improve mileage.



With our blockchain development services, you can safely transfer the information while building your supply chain operations visibility and ensure smooth user connectivity.

 Google Cloud

Cloud Integration

We can migrate your new or existing automotive software & data to a cloud-based platform (AWS/Azure/Google Cloud) to offer remote accessibility with optimum security.

AI Development Tools & Frameworks We Use

Perks of Engagement with Us


100% Compliance

The safety regulations in the logistics industry are immense. We adopt the best practices to follow all the protocols to build a great logistics app.


Strict NDA

To keep your ideas & data confidential is our responsibility. We are professionals who offer a strict non-disclosure agreement policy that legally binds us.


100% Quality Product

Our professionals will analyze every step of your business operation to choose the best features & right tech stack to build a product that oozes class.


Long-term Relations

Success is a synergy between partners that grows over years of trust. We also expect & maintain that with full transparency to build top-notch relationships.

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