A property management owner in california enhanced user experience for tenants and landlords

  • Sector :Commercial Real Estate
  • Technology :Symfony, JQuery , Bootstrap , MySQL , Google Analytics, Hotjar, Google Maps, Mandrill, Google Tag Manager
  • Company Background :A Real Estate Property Management Company In California

Project Overview

The real estate property management portal has a database system support allowing property information, home value and fact information readily available to home dwellers or aspirant homeowners in the proximity of California. As a collaboration platform between landlords and tenants, it also facilitates online contract necessary for improving efficiency and time involved with collecting landlord/tenant information.
Project Overview

Client Background

Client Background

The client is a real estate property owner in California, the USA, who runs his operations through a property management portal for owner and tenant. The client now uses his tenant and owner portal software for information to make it visible to both users so that they can find property in response to queries based on nearby locations, such as school, hospitals and other landmarks.


The Challenge

We needed to build a real estate web application that can efficiently handle online contract management between tenant and owner, and also keep a track of all payment processes while keeping customers aware of financial transactions through a transactional email.


The client needs to establish trusts within its customer base, so that no one can access confidential information of the property dealings between customers and face any transactional challenges. Also, the client wants its portal to display properly search information based on its surroundings, weather updates, and traffic of visitors to the portal.

The Challenge

Our Solution

Our Solution

As we have identified issues with their web portal, we provided them unique solutions using Symfony based framework. We select the framework for its flexibility to allow third party API integrations. It also supports a wide range of customization flexibility. We did a lot of improvements in the following areas,


  • Intelligent search

We implemented an intelligent search feature to bring both users and tenants on the same platform. It is able to retrieve various search data as used by users.


  • Third-party integrations

To able the system to display different search criteria involving weather, crime history, nearest locations and more, we implemented third-party integrations. We also ensured no bounce rate happens to the web application.


  • Google Maps

We implemented Google Maps to enable information delivery for specific City & Region.

We also implemented other functions such as,

o User profile management
o Landlord- Tenant Contact Management
o Property Information

Key Outcomes

  • Overall performance of the property management portal improved.
  • Visitor traffic improved by 10%.
  • Operations were easily streamlined.
  • Better user profile management
  • Clients are better informed of their transactional activities

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