Bytes Technolab developed advanced solutions for online eCommerce Vape shop

  • Sector :Vape Online Shop
  • Technology :BigCommerce, jQuery, Zurb, Hotjar, MySQL, Google Analytics
  • Company Background :Vape Wholesale Supplier

Project Overview

California based E-cigarette & E-liquid shop Online wanted to expand its business with a range of products, accessories, and kits of mods. They also desired to implement analytics for their site and required a payment gateway feature. Bytes Technolab proposed solution of developing an eCommerce with native features and exceptional functionality such as online payment, gift certifications, and affiliation programs for its customers.
Project Overview

Client Background

Client Background

This Bytes Technolab client is a well known Vapourizer wholesaler located in California, USA. Their business serves the customers with a wide range of products – ejuices, Mods/Kits, Coils, Salt Nic e-juice, Pods, Tanks, and many more. They also have a nice collection of vape accessories.


The Challenge

As the client expands its business with some new range of products in Mods and kits like vape machines, they were looking for customized gifting features on their website. Some of the challenges faced by them were:


  • There was some data loss during migration and they didn’t want any of their data to be lost during the process.
  • A secure payment gateway system with flexible buying solutions was a prerequisite.
  • Online gifting in the vape industry comes with definite laws so it has to be ensured that the buyer follows them.
  • To improve user experience and drive strategies, analytical information on their website was also a requirement.


They approached us at Bytes Technolab to improve their website with these special integrations, and we offered them personalized solutions.

The Challenge

key Features

  • Establish new product menu with smooth navigation.
  • Incorporation of analytics system for real time report generation.
  • Configure payment settings including POS.
  • Creating third party logistics (3PL) for inventories at multiple locations.
  • Optimized vape custom software to stay compliant with regulations.
  • Adjust backend settings and maintain the panel.

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Our Solution

Our Solution

Our software developer team carried out the extensive implementation of the desired features in the form of an eCommerce website. For key deliverables, we incorporated and maintained the following:


  • UI / UX
  • Website
  • Web Backend Panel
  • Support & Maintenance


Attributes incorporated on their vape shop online:

  • Mechanisms we have applied resulted in no data loss and smooth migration. 
  • As many products are nicotine-based they govern some laws, but our gift certification ensures that the customers are following the applicable rules

Key Outcomes

Based on the needs of client we identified certain problems and proposed e-Commerce website solutions:

  • Pre-order facility:

    The pre-order facility of products ensures that the customer places their order beforehand. It also gives the owners a forecast on in demands products and how much order has to be brought. It is also a good way to secure that inventories do not go waste.

  • 3rd party Shipping:

    To sell vape products worldwide and manage supply chain across countries, we integrated 3rd party shipping. As the entire inventory right from the printing of labels to the final delivery of the product, everything is being handled by a third party; the owner can focus on their core business.

  • Gift certification

    A customized gift product based on the occasion was created to achieve improved conversions. Such gift cards also serve as an easy and convenient choice for gifting.

  • Analytics Information:

    Details on analytics were incorporated on the website so that the admin receives updates on the people visiting the site and what type of traffic is being generated for lead conversions.

  • Quick and Intelligent Search:

    A 360-degree approach was used for a refined customer-centered search experience. We place the right eCommerce site search tool to help visitors find what they are seeking to buy.

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