Bytes Technolab developed Online Medicine Ordering system for UAE based pharma store

  • Sector :Healthcare
  • Technology :Magento, jQuery, Bootstrap, MySQL, Stripe, AWS, Android, iOS, Google Maps, Firebase
  • Company Background :Pharmaceuticals stores

Project Overview

The client was a pharmaceutical company owner in the UAE with numerous store locations throughout the country. The client wanted to create a mobile application with an efficient customer and location management system in order to offer more convenience to their customers and provide online ordering capabilities. The client was looking for an app developer for an Online Medicine Ordering System. The purpose of this project was to create a medicine ordering app. An app that allows consumers to conveniently buy medications from their mobile device and get them shipped to their home. Customers can also request medications based on a doctor’s prescription, and the owner needs an automatic pharmacy locator feature when a customer places an order via the app so that the nearest store can offer the medicine as soon as possible. The use of cutting-edge technology was prioritized in order to create customizable dashboards that meet the needs of clients. A smartphone app for consumers & delivery person and a web interface for the store were also integrated as prominent customizable features.
Project Overview

Client Background

Client Background

The client was the owner of a pharmaceutical business in the UAE with several store locations throughout the country. To offer more flexibility to their customers and provide online ordering functionality, the client decided to build a mobile application with an effective customer and location management system. An app that allows customers to order prescriptions from their phones and have them delivered to their homes. Customers can also request prescriptions based on a doctor’s prescription, and the owner requires an automated pharmacy locator feature when a customer places an order through the app so that the drug can be delivered as quickly as possible.


The Challenge

ZIP Code based Mapping

Bytes have created a custom solution that uses the ZIP Code to calculate the customer’s location and sends it to the device. Based on that device, it can detect a nearby pharmacy (even if it is not in the same ZIP Code as the customer) and transfer the order details to that store, enabling the store owner to deliver medicines to the customer quickly.


Tracking using Google Maps

Bytes recommended using the Google Maps API to handle the location tracking functionality for the delivery person’s mobile app as well as the customer’s tracking feature. Since implementing APIs increases the size of the app-build, Bytes generated a custom algorithm that only runs when maps are needed, keeping the app-build size to a minimum.


Prescription based Ordering

Customers can make inquiries using the prescription they received from the doctor. From their system, the store owner will generate an order and send it to a delivery person who will deliver it to the customer’s house. For such orders, payment will be made in cash.

The Challenge

Our Solution

Our Solution

Bytes Technolab addressed and defined the issues, and then created a smartphone app for consumers and a web interface for store owners to delegate orders to delivery people in order to satisfy the firm’s business requirements. To handle the whole distribution, the delivery person has their own mobile app. We chose to use a readymade mobile app solution from the Magento marketplace to fulfill the business requirement, taking into account the urgency of the product release and the budget. We configured the mobile app and backend to fulfill the requirements by using a ready-made mobile app solution.

key Features

  • An online medication ordering system.
  • Multiple stores with online ordering synchronization
  • Order assignment and delivery system based on location
  • Ordering System Based on Prescriptions
  • Integration with an online payment gateway
  • Integration with Google Maps and the Position API

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Key Outcomes

  • A user-friendly app with an appealing consumer panel and a customized user interface for a great user experience.
  • A web backend panel for handling orders and payments for the pharmaceutical owner and employees.
  • Created a separate smartphone app for delivery personals that uses Google Maps to reduce delivery delays.
  • Admin web backend panel for inventory and pricing management.

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