Bytes Technolab’s Inventory Connect solution for multichannel inventory management

  • Sector :Software/IT
  • Technology :Node.Js, Angular, MongoDB, PHP, MySQL, AWS
  • Company Background :Online Business Owners Based In The US.

Project Overview

An application called ‘Inventory Connect’ was created by the Bytes Technolab team to give a framework for Inventory Management across multiple eCommerce channels. All Businesses be it small, medium, or large can now easily manage their products across different channels using this app. We saw that our clients were looking for scalable solutions to manage their inventory between different channels and across various platforms.


Hence our team came up with an efficient Middleware system through which the sellers can manage their products across different ecommerce platforms and get the updated inventory automatically.

Project Overview

Client Background

Client Background


The clients were online shop owners and wanted to expand their businesses with a range of new products and accessories. To grow their business, they shifted their products to multiple online channels, and it was getting difficult for them to keep a track of the stocks in each channel every day. This led to bad customer experience, and they wanted to improve their services, and become customer centric with a proper inventory management.


The primary aim was to develop a marketplace for the dealers where they can manage their inventories up to date. Bytes Technolab devised a mechanism through the Dropshipping Management System to handle stocks in a better way.


The Challenge

Business owners with different suppliers and multiple drop shippers have issues in managing their stocks across market channels or with their inventories. Some issues faced by them are:


  • The major worry to Businesses is to keep the stock updated and keep a limit to avoid overselling and vice versa.
  • Most of the business finds it hard to keep a track of orders and inventories on the excel spreadsheets.
  • Store management seems to be a nightmare when products are to be tracked across many avenues such as Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Etsy, Company website, and physical store.
  • Missing of an efficient stock control mechanism to prevent over sales of the products.
  • No proper synchronization and timely updates on the stock.


The technical challenge faced during the process was to ensure API access for automated CSV file data export from the Inventory to 3rd party FTP server. We understood this issue and came out with a Middleware system called InventoryConnect to overcome the integration challenges.

The Challenge

key Features

  • Every kind of Drop Shipping Integration with any kind of supplier.
  • Syncing across multiple platforms
  • Integrated around 80000 products for the suppliers.
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Real-time live product status.
  • Automated inventory updates and restriction of product over sales
  • Control overselling of the products

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Our Solution

Our Solution

1. Brainstorming:

After a thorough analysis, our team at Bytes Technolab established that Middleware would be an ideal solution for this project.


2. Prototype creation:

Initially a prototype of the inventory management solution was made to gather the exact business requirements. Based on these different modules such as Real-time synching were developed and integrated to streamline the entire process.


3. Drop shipping management:

To enable the retailers to expand their business without purchasing the inventory in advance, we came up with this idea of developing a platform for drop shipping management. A cloud-based ERP was used to integrate into the eCommerce platform, providing a seamless back end operation for the business and smooth front end shopping experience to the buyers.


4. Stock Control techniques:

The Middleware developed by our team at Bytes Technolab ensured that proper Sales forecasting is available and there is a control over the over sales of products. Stock keeping unit (SKU) provides immediate access to the stock and helps in better tracking of the same.


5. Optimization for multichannel:

A customized inventory solution eradicated many problems like supply chain, inventory hurdles, sales across various marketplaces. We now made integration of data from each channel to gather a holistic view of product performance possible.


Thus the fed data outcome pushed an inventory management solution for the sellers to manage their stocks easily.

Key Outcomes

  • Continuous fetching of data every 4 hrs once from supplier
  • Easy and Fast navigation across the website makes it easier to locate the product.
  • Quick filling of orders, and improvement in the customer experience.
  • Accurate and real-time information about the inventory across various locations.
  • Increased revenue because of better forecasting and utilization capability.

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