Bytes Technolab powers Toronto-based furniture manufacturing owner’s website with a complete new design and feature.

  • Sector :Furniture Manufacturing Industry
  • Technology :Shopify, jQuery, Polyfill, Hotjar, MySQL, Google Analytics, PayPal, MailChimp, HubSpot
  • Company Background :Furniture Manufacturer

Project Overview

The Toronto-based furniture seller was facing issues with its online furniture shopping site that was unable to integrate with GPS supported multiple inventory systems. Bytes Technolab has helped them overcome this challenge and enhanced their users’ experience with the omnichannel shopping flexibility.
Project Overview

Client Background

Client Background

The client is a popular furniture seller in Toronto who owns online furniture shopping & home stores in Montreal as well. They manage the distribution of goods through its warehouses located at multiple locations in Canada. Their omnichannel business  model serves their customers efficiently online and also offline, enabling their customers to place an order online while having them delivered at their doorstep. Buying from online furniture store also enables delivery both at store or the nearest warehouses at customers’ convenience.


The Challenge

They did not have location-based inventory systems integrated into their eCommerce platform Shopify. They had several issues with their existing furniture shopping website,


  • Shopify was unable to give integrated view of the multiple inventories.
  • Order was not processed when stocks went low in inventories.
  • Online furniture shipment was hampered through the nearest warehouse.
  • Shipment expenses were higher for backordering stocks in warehouses.


The client approached us to get out of this trouble. We gauged the issues and came out with perfect solutions for our client.

The Challenge

key Features

  • We put into effect a real-time video calling feature to enable customers to talk with admin and solve their queries.
  • Geo-based location detection.
  • Multiple location-based inventory check.
  • Fast checkout with ShopPay/Apple Pay & Credit card payment processor.
  • Instagram feed.

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Our Solution

Our Solution

We have decided that the client required their inventory systems to be  redesigned. Also, they wanted to have a new look for their website to enable their users search furniture online at ease. Find what we have done.


  • Our team migrated data to the new website platform without making any data loss.
  • We did implementation of multiple inventory systems with a location tracking feature. It integrates online and offline shops keeps track of stocks in inventory and improves visibility into every warehouse located at multiple locations.

Key Outcomes

  • One-integrated view into all warehouses through multiple location-based inventory management.
  • Online furniture shipment both from store or warehouse location.
  • Flexible fee management for stocks.
  • Low cost inventory management.
  • Easy order process with stocks in inventory.
  • Customer satisfaction was manifolded by fewer notches.

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