Bytes Technolab brainstormed with an innovative inventory management solution for multichannel retailers

  • Sector :IT/Software
  • Technology :AngularJS, NodeJS, ReactJS, Laravel, WordPress, D3.js, MySQL, AWS
  • Company Background :ERP Software Solution Consulting Company In The U.S

Project Overview

The project has been developed at Bytes Technolab for the client providing Inventory Management system solution services to customers with multichannel eCommerce service offerings. As the brand name suggests, it is built to help online merchants and even brick-and mortar sellers manage their inventories from multiple channels, track shipping orders and processes. The core part of the tool is to automate product imports, customer updates and sales orders from an integrated SaaS-based-platform.


The client came across us as they were looking for a good company with a proven track record of providing remarkable web-based application solutions to eliminate the clients’ specific problems.


We enabled the client to build the right and efficient eCommerce Inventory Management Software that could streamline huge inventories of items, manage wholesale operations, procurement services, and also a drop shipping process.

Project Overview

Client Background

Client Background

The family-run business of the client has been into digital solution consulting services for over a decade in Wisconsin. As their business is constantly growing, they are determined to expand their areas of expertise with rolling out inventory management software for online retailers and also marketplace units. The overall goal of the client is to become famous across its territory and beyond.


Our team of software developers joined them to develop a solution so that they can ease the process of inventory management for customers.


The Challenge

Online eCommerce channels with large volumes of stocks need to have improved visibility upon SKUs and sales orders in various channels. Unless large retailers do it efficiently, their business may crumble down. So, the client wants us to develop a flexible solution that can merge everything from workflow to order management and inventory management to data to purchase order details. Being able to sell across different industries is key to success, the product needs to bring all functions to one integrated platform with additions such as automated inventory tracking, communication enablement, and fulfillment updates. But, the most critical part of the project was to ensure the prevention of data loss for the tool.The major challenge of the project has been,



  • Integration of real-time data sync
  • Fulfillment information to be made available to avoid service unavailability
  • Easy-to-use and scalable cloud-based warehouse inventory management software
  • Shipping process enhancement

The Challenge

Our Solution

Our Solution

Our software developers studied the project and designed prototyping at the first phase to simplify its functional prospects. The key objective of the retail inventory management software is to keep  with the demands of multichannel retailers by enabling integrations with different modules and help the sellers streamline all complex inventory management process through automation. With this service development, we needed to implemented automation for day-to-day functions such as accounting, payments, shipping, and CRM.


This comprehensive and integrated tool also has the capacity to offer a seamless collaboration with a wide range of marketplace extensions such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, QuickBooks and more.


As we have used JS technologies, we were able to cater to its synchronization capability. The system also features an auto-inventory update and real-time notifications.


At the end of the project completion, we came up with intuitive CRM inventory management software with an interactive dashboard that includes real functions like search/filters, navigation search bar, and categorized data icon.

Key Outcomes

Bytes Technolab just delivered what our client wanted to reflect through key development processes and integration from the ERP software solution. The goal achieved through the project has been overwhelming for both of us. Key achievements of the project include,

  • Fast, easy, and efficient
  • Real-time data updates reduce out-of-stock inventory
  • Automation of order process reduces manual labor of updating data
  • An easy way to quickly fill orders by uploading a CSV file or SKU management
  • Suitable to be integrated with multiple retailers’ backend systems
  • Up-selling and cross-selling potential to be achieved greatly
  • Fast navigation search makes the product easier to find
  • Real-time live order stock status
  • Real-time communication and collaboration
  • Employees productivity and efficiency

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