Bytes Technolab revamps an online eCommerce retail store for custom gifts

  • Sector :Online ECommerce Retail Store For Custom Gifts
  • Technology :Magento 2, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, MySQL, PayPal, POLi Payments, AWS, Australian Post
  • Company Background :Accessories or Gift Manufacturing Company

Project Overview

The client has a Retail Ecommerce for gifts in Australia, New Zealand, and United States of America. He collaborated with Bytes Technolab to know about how a website redesign could bring the best value to their brands through the high-quality retail website design while enhancing user experience among their existing and loyal customer base. Solutions provided as following,


  • The ecommerce retail store had a website migrated from Magento 1 to Magento 2.
  • Other major changes for the customized gift shop involved inventory management integration and discount or loyalty programs.


The redesign of eCommerce gift shop offered great customer experience to its customers.


The web technologies we usedwere,


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript


The users can leverage this platform to shop personalized gifts anytime and from anywhere any device.

Project Overview

Client Background

Client Background

Founded in 2004, the customized online gift portalowner in South Australia is popular across a long stretch for delivering personalized gifts, kids’ toys, memorial gifts and more. The brand’s eCommerceonline shoppingstore was built on Magento 1. Their robust customer service is something to vouch for that brings them great success in their family business. They have a sound business profile with two more new branches opening soon in other parts of South Australia.


The Challenge

As the client wants to expand its business profile in custom gifting solutions, they look forward to redesigning their online gift shopping websitewhich is believed to give their eCommercevision an edge over other local competitors.


Some challenges the eCommerce gift shop owner faced for his online gifting website were,


  • Existing website built on Magento 1x e-shop platform
  • Old, outdated and bulky
  • Bounce rate was higher
  • Decline in traffic drive
  • Order management difficulties during peak or holiday season


Bytes Technolab found these challenges of the online customized store.  The owner is now envisioned to reaching the global customers. And they want their new online gift portal Australia to be an extension that works in tandem with their storesuccess and establish customer loyalty.


Bytes Technolab is to offer theircustomers both immersive retail and in-store experience through a website redesignand also an additional upgrade to help them keep up with demand.

The Challenge

Our Solution

Our Solution

We at Bytes Technolab started with a strategy as a step towards developing a dynamic and feature-rich solution that provides the right view about the eCommerce services involving a wide range of personalized and custom gifts for all. We recommended migrating their existing eCommerce shopping website from Magento 1 to Magento 2x.


Magento 1x migration to Magento 2x


  • Transferring old data to the newer version of Magento 2x
  • The site performance was enhanced.
  • Layout, UI&UX, and also quick checkout process enabled.
  • Incorporatedthe store locator map.
  • Integratedgift coupons and discount offers into the website admin
  • Push notification was enabled.
  • We implemented a multi-store inventory system with its existing ERP.


All these are necessary to increase the conversion rate for eCommerce online shopping.


eBay and Etsy Integration


Bytes Technolab developers did marketplace integration with eBay and Etsy to improve customer shopping experience.


After Pay with Rewards Point


As a part of the best retail website design, our dev team ensured to work on After Pay payment gateway solution.


Order Tracking


Order tracking was integrated with Australian Post. Customers have it easy to get real-time updates on order status.

Key Outcomes

  • Our design strategy and emergency technologies give the website a comprehensive appearance and easy-to-use interface functionality with high performance.
  • Even ignorant customers have it easy to navigate through the storefront displays to find their specific gifts. (As per analytics reports).
  • The store locator map draws more customer traffic than earlier.
  • Push notifications about discounts and gifts add to more conversions and sales rates.
  • Website reviews contribute to increase customer loyalty with the eCommerce online gift shop.
  • The platform’s multi-store inventory system with ERP helps boost efficiency through inventory management on the website.
  • No more customer dissatisfaction as they occur due to out-of-stock situation.
  • Customized payment solution
  • Easy payment with PayPal

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