US-based hospitality service provider gets an amazing & aesthetically appealing functional UX/UI for his Food & Restaurant App

  • Sector :Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  • Technology :Android, iOS, Laravel, jQuery, MySQL, AWS, Google Maps, Firebase
  • Company Background :USA-based Firm Helps Travelers to Find The Best Recreation Units at Night.

Project Overview

The USA-based firm owner of a nightlife business directory application was successful in making finding the most competitive recreation destinations and lso riding services easy all from a single platform on the food business directory app. Food & Restaurant directory app development company Bytes Technolab brought a complete efficiency to their applications using intelligent technology solutions, including Laravel, jQuery, MySQL, and many for Android, iOS and web applications.
Project Overview

Client Background

Client Background

Bringing travelers and on-demand riding services together through a single restaurant & hotel finder app is the primary target of the client based in the USA. More than a decade into the hospitality services, the client’s business is growing at a steady pace. With the changing trends of the community-fueled industry, their application was facing challenges from competitors who have already implemented advanced solutions. To bring agility in their operations, they want their application to be easily accessible only with a swipe and tap of a button so that users can travel and dine quickly and comfortably.


The Challenge

The client had a consultation with us at Bytes Technolab and took us through their ordeal they are experiencing in attracting more users to their hotel & restaurant listing applications. After an in-depth analysis of their applications, our UX/UI developers found lots of glitches on the frontend of the mobile applications. Not having an intuitive user interface, customers had challenges in accessing better riding service from Uber of Lyft and  also booking a good place to unwind.

The Challenge

Our Solution

Our Solution

Our team of developers and business analyst brainstormed unique solutions for the user interface it needs to give all information to its users. With just a tap of a button, we let users find accurate and relevant information about nearby restaurant, pubs, bars, nightclubs and many on the screen of the Pubs and Bars finder app. We took careful approach for making navigation an effortless experience for users making tabs or categories easily accessible. We solve all these challenges with some interesting implementations,


Google API Integration:

An integration of Google API into the applications enables us to get along with Uber and Lyft apps. It is fast to allow customers getting location-based cabs for them.


Analytics Information:

We also implemented Analytics Information into the server and client side. This is the most efficient way to fetch performance analytics both for the customers and platform owners.


Popularity Algo:

Nearby restaurant & hotels finder app generates popularity reports of the nearby pubs, restaurant and bars. Algo was customized in such a way so that it adapts to the changing factors of the business hours and service criteria giving users updated and accurate search results.


More solutions we implement are,


  • Location based Restaurants, Pubs, Nightclubs and Bars
  • Map Navigation to reach specific locations
  • Integration of Uber and Lyft to reach via Taxi option
  • Remember Searches
  • List of Top and Popular Locations in the platform

Key Outcomes

  • Overall traffic to the application grew by 15%.
  • Newer and dynamic look of the user interface was overwhelmed.
  • Users have a better experience working across the applications.
  • Fast navigation search drives improved customer engagement
  • Rise in new user accounts in no time.
  • Revenue streams saw good growth within just a few months.

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