MenuFinderAfrica provides platform to search food and restaurant of various categories using Mobile Apps. User can subscribe from App to get the discount from the restaurants.

User can visit the restaurant enrolled in discount program to get the discount set by the restaurant; The waiter will have mobile application which have the feature to scan user’s QR code from User’s App to confirm the User’s subscription and to provide the discount accordingly.

Key Features

  • User tracking to track the user's activity in mobile application.
  • App provide a provision for Restaurant Admin to view their restaurant information.
  • Admin can add & manage their Waiters.
  • Integration with Google Map for Location
  • MTN Pay and Apple Pay Integration
  • QR Code based Subscription mechanism
  • Notifications (using Firebase) to keep users updated with latest offers

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Technical Overview

  • UI / UX Design
  • Customer Mobile Application (iOS & Android)
  • Waiter Mobile Application (iOS & Android)
  • Restaurant Admin Web Backend Panel
  • Admin Web Backend Panel
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Integrated with google analytics to analyze the website performance
  • Google Map integration for online location tracking
  • MTN Pay and Apple Pay integration