Build an online selling site like eBay from scratch

Aug 18, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Build an online selling site like eBay from scratch: A comprehensive guide for online marketplace development

Do you want to establish your own online  multi-vendor marketplace  like eBay but don’t know where to begin? Have you ever wondered how much time and money it takes for the  online marketplace development ? Then you’ve arrived at the correct location.

The success of eCommerce platforms such as eBay and Etsy demonstrates a growing trend. eBay’s yearly net revenue in 2019 was 10.8 billion dollars, according to Statista. It’s understandable that with such large returns, many firms want to learn how to establish an auction website from eBay’s success method.

If you’re aiming to build your  ecommerce businesses , you’ve chosen wisely by idealizing eBay.

Along with eBay’s unstoppable expansion throughout the years, you may have your own business goals for developing an online marketplace. As a result, we’ll walk you through the whole process to  build an online selling site like eBay.

What Makes eBay & Etsy Among the Best Marketplaces in the World?

With millions of sellers offering their wares to consumers all over the world, eBay may serve as a source of inspiration for anyone looking to build a marketplace that develops, sustains, and adapts. eBay is continuously evolving, trying to  build best-suited ecommerce solution , which is why it is still fighting with other market players such as Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, and others. It is implementing new procedures and features that are more user-friendly.

Some customers who have switched from other markets perceive eBay’s product listings to be more simple, easier to explore, and personalized on a large scale. When it comes to the UI, eBay’s marketplace has a more vibrant and attractive appearance and feel. It attracts a large number of people to the platform and causes them to depart after looking at the items of their choosing.

The largest marketplace platform debuted its valet services to assist its vendors with a facility where your items that aren’t selling are handled by eBay specialists who will assist you in finding a buyer. In this way, the price of an item is steadily reduced until it no longer attracts a customer. eBay may also post descriptions and respond to buyer questions on forums.

Top Features to Include in Your eBay & Etsy-inspired Marketplace

You should include the key elements of eBay and Etsy in your marketplace to make it stand out and earn a competitive edge. Here are the most important elements to have in an eBay or Etsy-style marketplace.

Mobile app

Having a mobile app would expand a marketplace’s possibilities. It brings the company and the audience closer together. Gaining a foothold in your consumers’ wallets is a significant advantage a marketplace may have over its competitors.

Authorization & Security

A top firm would devote all of its efforts to creating a marketplace that meets the highest security requirements. A marketplace should meet all of the users’ security demands, from user login through dashboards and secure payment checkouts. The more secure your marketplace seems to users, the more trustworthy you appear to them.


A marketplace can utilize a multi-vendor platform to allow numerous sellers to use their platform. It’s the most common form of internet market. With admin approval, businesses may build their own storefront on the platform and add their items afterward. It provides a layout that allows companies to adjust components such as search filters and categories.

Product Catalog

The WordPress web development trend that no successful marketplace would want to ignore is the ease with which new goods can be added and maintained. The development strategy for a well-functioning and user-friendly online marketplace must include a comprehensive and appealing product catalog.

Inventory Management

Developers provide suitable and rich-featured inventory management systems to avoid premature stock-outs or overstocking. The goal of these programs is to make managing all items listed on separate vendor accounts simple and consolidated.

Ratings and Reviews

Customers must constantly be presented with a credible image of your platform. Helping your consumers to provide reviews and ratings has the benefit of allowing you to see where your marketplace needs to improve. It increases the users’ trust in your platform and makes it more involved.

Product Search

Though it may appear to be a minor or ordinary component of any website or application, it serves a critical function in immediately engaging visitors. It allows users to interactively filter or reach desired product pages provided by suppliers.


A consumer likes a product but isn’t ready to buy it right now. In this scenario, customers can add the items to a wishlist so that they can review them when they’re ready to buy. Also, goods that are out of stock can be added to a wishlist and alerted when they become available.


You may incorporate a 24/7 hotline or an interactive bot to manage complaints to assist consumers in finding solutions to issues linked to the product and platform.

Analytics & Reports

Admins may go through the data on sales, purchases, and traffic. The major goal of having this function is to evaluate the outcomes of the professionals’ efforts to make your application stand out.

Fast & Easy Checkout

When a consumer completes a purchase, a hassle-free checkout experience may go unnoticed, but it will be recognized if there are concerns along the way. As a result, it’s unavoidably a crucial aspect to consider while building your marketplace.

Promo codes & Gift Cards

Gift cards and promo coupons are usually helpful in attracting new consumers. It allows you to obtain a competitive advantage over your competitors’ offerings.

How to build a multi-vendor ecommerce website?

Follow These Steps to Create an eBay and Etsy-Like Marketplace

Now that you’ve learned about the features and qualities of your marketplace, it’s time to discover how to establish your own eBay or Etsy-style marketplace.

It is thought that having a development strategy in place before approaching developers is the best way. It is beneficial to be suspicious about things.

Understand Your Specialty

The first step in obtaining eCommerce website development services is to determine which niche you want to target with your platform. Choosing a niche for your market will allow you to use the most appropriate business strategy to achieve your goals.

When we see Amazon succeeding as a marketplace today, we think of it as a general specialty. However, it all began with a single book niche.

Establishing Monetization Models

You’ll need to use a variety of monetization strategies to give merchants multiple opportunities to generate money through your marketplace. Commission, subscription, and listing fees are the top three monetization strategies.

Vendors may be required to pay a modest charge to use the services of a marketplace platform. To justify the fee, the marketplace guarantees that they are given full assistance to help them sell their items.

Product listing features and relationship management tools may be available to facilitate a seamless and flexible procedure.

Define your priorities, whether they are vendors or customers.

To have the  best online marketplace website  it’s critical to identify your priorities as you build your marketplace. It implies you should figure out whether your marketplace has features that are more beneficial to merchants or customers. However, it is clear that neither of these can be overlooked.

You can maintain your marketplace’s area suitable for merchants, much like eBay and Etsy. They give features that assist suppliers in achieving the best possible results. It does not imply that you may minimize end-user expectations because even merchants would not want a marketplace that does not connect with or assist its consumers.

Pick an eCommerce Platform

There are several platforms from which to choose. As a company professional, you must select a technology platform that is efficient, effective, current, and cost-effective.

It all relies on how you think about different platforms and what your priorities are. I’ve listed six excellent platforms from which you may build your marketplace. However, it is also a good idea to have a quick discussion and comparison with the web development firm you choose about all of the platforms.

Create a theme and personalize the design

When it comes to building an eCommerce website, you may think that web design services are the only thing that matters.

You consider not just the design, but also the scalability. You may need to include many product pages on your marketplace, so pick a theme or template that can handle a variety of website design services alternatives and perspectives.

Add the Features

Because we’re combining eBay and Etsy, I included the best aspects of both sites. These capabilities can be included by developers by writing native code or integrating their respective APIs.

If you hire a WordPress development firm, you may concentrate on adding features that you think are vital but were not included at the start.

Features may assist you in determining the project’s scope, budget, and applications. The goal should be to establish a high-end marketplace that is tailored to the customers’ various demands.

Payment Options Should Be Integrated

Payment integration is one of the most important aspects of a marketplace’s success story. It gives your user a sense of the simple solutions they’ll be able to get through your program.

You may be developing your marketplace on several platforms, but the availability of alternatives you provide to your consumers is what keeps everything relevant.

Upload The Products

The next stage in the marketplace website building process is to upload items to your website in a simple, quick, and painless manner. The developers may use a variety of methods to provide you with a lightweight yet engaging platform to keep your audience informed about your project.

Any of the systems, such as Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify, can be used to list products.  Multiple Magento 2 marketplace extensions will give you the best of your buck and streamline your website.

Enable Product Inventory and Shop Settings

We use product inventory and shop set up as a major component in the process to maintain your product records up to date with the procedures. We use their feature-rich technologies to interact with the demands of your diverse clients from various industries.

Different filters, looks and feels, and orientations are possible, so we never sacrifice the platform’s overall scalability to keep things dynamic.

Test Your Marketplace

After we’ve completed development, we usually test the application’s features, experience, and outcomes.

We use 360-degree tools to stay on top of our clients’ demands and get the best possible results. With this strategy, we are more likely to discover and correct market flaws and errors, as well as provide the most feasible business outcomes.


We are moving on with the launch of our online marketplace, similar to eBay and Etsy, after completing all key phases in the development process. We regard technical knowledge, as well as the scale of the project, as another important aspect in marketing a marketplace.

It is critical for every participant in the process to understand what the marketplace will do and what the potential consequences are. The marketplace’s major goal is to match with the objectives of a diverse audience that spans many industrial areas and includes a significant number of consumers.

This may be your thought process before launching your marketplace as a fully functioning business app.

Creating a Budget for Your eBay & Etsy Marketplace

We discuss elements that define the calculation of website development cost while developing a marketplace like eBay or Etsy. Basic to sophisticated functionality, development expertise, tech stack, customization, and other criteria are among them. Your internet marketplace may require upkeep and advertising once it has been developed.

It is regarded as best practice to prepare a budget plan for each aspect of the estimate before hiring a development business. It is for this reason that the cost of creating a marketplace may differ from one firm to the next.

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Wrapping up

Creating a marketplace is a process that needs a flexible mindset to evaluate the difficulties and improvements. The goal of this guide was to assist you in comprehending the most important and complicated topics in the text. To learn more about the fundamentals and technical aspects of marketplace development, check out our website building guide.

There are a variety of techniques to do your own study. Everything from a financial plan to a tech stack may be analyzed utilizing the tools accessible on the internet. If you plan to  hire experienced Magento developers  connect to Bytes Technolab Inc to have the  best online marketplace website.  With several years in the  ecommerce custom development and  Magento development services  Bytes Technolab inc is the one-stop-solution for all your business development woes.

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