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Develop interactive hotel booking app for a post pandemic future

In today’s age of technology, online apps and platforms are guiding humans for everything, and the hotel industry is no different. Online hotel booking app and food ordering apps like OYO rooms and Zomato have gained popularity rapidly and people are willing to invest in this trend. The current pandemic has completely changed the way consumers look at travel plans. With questions like when to travel? Where to travel? When is the right time to book a hotel? How long to travel? Etc. looming large, providing a flexible solution has become the need of the hour. Even the criteria for choosing a particular destination and hotel are changing with hygiene being paramount. To address these trends developing an app for hotel management has become necessary for business owners.

What are OYO Rooms and the need for a hotel booking app?

Oyo Rooms is one the largest platforms offering budget hotel networks currently functioning in India. It is a premier hotel booking app and has become a default place for a large number of people finding a suitable hotel room for a stay. OYO application is working well in the area of the hotel industry and there is an increasing trend for the development of OYO like applications.


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A recent study from Fuel Travel on guest preferences for use of technology showed that about 60% of respondents were more likely to choose a hotel that allows check in and open doors using a smart phone or mobile application. Not just the automated technology but even interactive technologies like IoT and AI, chatbots will be a necessity. To thrive in the post-pandemic world many hoteliers have started utilizing this downtime in developing apps. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to know more about our hotel booking app development process.

Benefits of developing a hotel booking app

Despite all the challenges posed by COVID 19, the crisis is offering the hospitality industry the opportunity to review operations, embrace technology, and restart afresh.
Below is a compiled list of reasons why your business should adopt a hotel booking app for guests and give you a wide range of benefits.

1. A hotel booking app helps in reducing the touchpoints. Currently, Health and safety is the top priority, and food ordering apps or hotel booking apps help operators focus on guest’s safety first by providing everything the travelers need on their phone.

2. An app in the food and beverage industry will also help you enhance the guest experience and support their journey. You can offer a seamless experience and makes sure your guests feel special by giving them all the information that they are looking for at their fingertips.

3. A mobile app integrated with hotel directory, door locks, other systems can enable you to take the customer experience to next level. You can also have the option of check-in through the app and provide a mobile key to access the room and have online chat with your team to adhere to the social distancing protocols.

4. You can save a lot of time and reduce costs by digitizing your hotel directory and creating your hotel booking app for android and iOS devices. This will also enable you to streamline your customer experience and avoid queues and maintain distancing.
5. An app for hotel management also enhances your brand’s image and helps to be seen as a pioneer in the hotel industry.

Expectations from OYO like hotel booking app development

Post-COVID recovery for the hotel industry and the food and beverage industry will most likely include a lot of new-age technology for automatic functioning. These include automated check-in/check-outs, keyless entry systems, online booking, digital concierge services, and much more through mobile applications. If you are also interested in developing a hotel booking app like Oyo rooms then you must be aware of the features to provide in your app.

  • Easy to access:

    If you want to attract customers and retain them then registration and login are the must-have features. This will also help in contacting the users through email or notifications regarding any ongoing offers or discounts. Such kind of customer interaction holds back the engagement.

  • Optimized search feature:

    Customers want to search for a specific property at a particular location so such a search feature must be included in your hotel booking app. Filters based on location, budget, city, or locality-based will make your app more user friendly.

  • Unique features:

    Booking and cancellation services are a must-have functionality for your hotel booking app. The comfort a user has while booking your services will make him/her come back to the app a second time. Check-in and mobile key access to the room are perfect for COVID 19 era.

  • Customer relationship management:

    Collecting data through CRM will help you curate experiences based on guest preferences. You can tailor the requirements before the customer’s arrival and create a delightful moment for them.

Hire a Hotel management app development company

As more brands pivot on the latest technology for mobile app development, it is becoming less of a perk and more of a necessity. To stay ahead of this competition you too must consider an app for hotel management of your brand.
Developing a clone like OYO rooms for the hotel industry depends completely upon the number of functions to be included in the app. If you are looking for the right developer for your hotel booking app then hire our hotel management app development company. We have huge experience in providing mobile app development solutions in the USA and across the world. Contact us today.

How Much Does It Cost To Build Zomato Like On-Demand Food Delivery App?

There are certain factors that decide the cost of an app development. It also depends on the on-demand mobile app development agency that charges costs depending on their team expertise, technology stacks they use and how fast they deliver the product.

However, based on the MVP model of your business type, we can help you gauge an average estimate of the product development cost. The estimated price could range between $7,000 and $10,000 owing to its basic features. If you go for an advanced version of the app for both Android and iOS versions and app testing including app launch, it costs between $35,000 and $50,000. And it takes around $75,000 for full-fledged Zomato like app design and development.

Let’s split the design and development hours.

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