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With consumers looking for more convenience away from the cooking discomforts, on-demand food delivery app is evolving faster to lead the battle of the eCommerce food businesses.

At a Glance:

  • Restaurant-to-consumer delivery is the largest market segment in the delivery business.
  • Food delivery mobile app market is expected to grow $16.6 billion by 2023.
  • Online food delivery market is growing at a CAGR of 9.3% and expected to reach $3,142m worth of revenue by 2024 as per statistica.com.
  • Third- party food delivery apps like UberEats, DoorDash, and GrubHub account for 40% of the most apps combined.
  • Consumer preferences are changing coupled by the likes of impatient younger generation.
  • Incumbent third-party apps can roll out their ventures into this food delivery segment with little investment and grab the opportunity from this massive sector and also take advantage of the consumer pain points.
  • Covid-19 has little impact on the growth of the on-demand food delivery service segment as lockdowns forced the transition to stop and urged consumers to opt for food delivery services more frequently.

Figure 1 Market Growth for the Global Online On-Demand Food Delivery Services 2019-2023 (Source: Businesswire)


It’s no surprise you may have ordered on-demand food once in a month. Even if you don’t, it is for sure when you are out, you probably see more than one delivery agent sweeping by the streets.

Market potentials

The picture so far clearly dissects that the on-demand food delivery service is booming. Maybe, consumers are not always eager to cook. The hefty schedules at work are a no-no to experience the afterglow of the dining rush, and again the reluctant and impatient younger consumers. Not to mention, the present ecosystem as evolved due to the Covid-19 outbreak is unleashing more potentials for restaurant and delivery services. Although not a new trend, the pandemic crisis has shot up the digital food orders as the demand soars.

Regardless of the industry and its service, every business has started feeling the hit of the economic crisis. However, the food delivery business is expected to move beyond the glares with ease. As a food startup, the whole market opens up a good opportunity for you to explore this field.

So, what prevents you from venturing into this on-demand food delivery service? No knowledge about on-demand food delivery app development? With little to no information available to you, Bytes Technolab has always expressed its keen interest to educate food startups, restaurateur, café owners to jumpstart their ventures through the successful development of on-demand food delivery apps. From designing to launching, we are an industry expert to sail you through the food delivery service market and help you scale.

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Get Ideas to Get Inspired

GrubHub, DoorDash, UberEats, and PostMates- these four leading food delivery app services are making cuts across cities in the US. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, meal delivery sales as offered by these giant app owners, they experience a new height of success.

Figure 2 Growth Rate of the Leading Food Delivery Apps (resource: Second Measure)

Now, as you are up for developing your food delivery app, make precise and targeted research to understand your market niche. Let’s take a tour through the current food delivery market leaders.


This food delivery app service is the most popular among the users for its distinctive features and door-to-door service.


  • On-demand food can be delivered from anywhere across the city
  • Service charges depends on the route covered
  • Deliveries take one hour
  • Delivery partners are known as postmates
  • Service available 24/7
  • Minimum delivery fee is $5
  • Postmates unlimited subscription offers free delivery over $20 order
  • Any food can be ordered

Company Value:$1.85 billion


On-delivery mobile app like UberEats is one the top most food delivery service apps.

Notable features of UberEats

  • Tailored recommendations of delicacies of restaurants across the cityy
  • Flexible and simple UX/UI design of the app
  • Advanced search filters
  • Order tracking
  • Customizable delivery details

UberEats Value:$20 billion

DoorDash serves its customers through the largest network restaurant chains in the US and Canada. Its massive popularity is expanding its business in Australia as well.

The best features of DoorDash

  • Best featured restaurants
  • Free deliveries from featured restaurants
  • Free offers and discounts from restaurants
  • Order status
  • DoorDash Delight
  • Scoring systems

DoorDash Value:$4 billion


In GrubHub app, you can find two integrated app-GrubHub app and Seamless for food delivery services.

Best features of GrubHub

  • The same drivers deliver both services
  • No fixed delivery fee
  • Fees determined by restaurants and orders
  • Several delivery addresses can be saved
  • Varied food items and cuisines

GrubHub Value:$7.3 billion as of 2018

All of these apps are being available both in Android and iOS operating systems. Reaching to a wider pool of food fanatics, you must prioritize the convenience for buying. Talk to iOS developers or Android developers to know how they help to be the most downloaded food ordering application in the app store.

From the above instances, you can tap into potentials for your food delivery app development. Here’s a rundown.

A Detailed Walkthrough the Food Delivery App Making. Follow to build an intuitive Food Delivery App

Given Key Performance Indicators or KPI, prospects are quite progressive either for restaurant food delivery via aggregator apps or platform-to-consumer-delivery.

Figure: 3 Online Food Delivery Growth (Statistica.com)

Essential Categories of On-Demand Food Delivery App

  • Customer app platform
  • Logistics support/delivery partner app platform
  • Admin panel or dashboard platform


          1. Customer App Platform

Figure 4 On-demand food delivery customer app

Search Filter

Filter search by restaurants, cuisines, cafes and above all by location. It should sit at top of the screen and make finding easy.

Order Placement

A swift navigation UI works to facilitate quick checkout process. Make ‘add to order’ functionality visible that leads to fast check out and payment process.

Payment Gateway Integration

Your on-demand food delivery app the same as Grubhub or Zomato must include the most flexible payment options such as PayPal, Braintree, or Stripe. Besides multiple online payment options, it must have provide cash on delivery too.

Getting to track the food delivery path helps your users know how much the food takes to be delivered. A geo-location map embedded in the app ensures the right visibility over the delivery.

Review & ratings

Incorporate this essential section to know your app’s performance and how your customer experience working with this app.

          2. Logistics Support/Delivery Partner App Platform



The login or signup process must be made as easy as just few swipes. Allow direct login with Facebook or gmail account.

User profile

A logistics driver profile must be updated with all necessary information with photo including
name, email address, and contact number.

New order alerts

Logistics service provider must get notification alerts of the new order every time. It must be
on even if the app is shut on.

Multiple delivery management

The driver must enable all deliveries to be responded carefully at the same time when another delivery has arrived.

GPS map integration

This is important to enable the delivery boy to reach the destination as fast as possible by following the shortest and safest route possible. GPS map locator is always helpful during last-mile delivery.

          3. Admin panel or dashboard platform

Figure 5 Admin Panel Dashboard

Performance monitoring

The admin panel provides all round information related to order placed, cancelled, delivery performance and many.

Order management

Streamlining all orders is easy with this dashboard. This helps you track pickups, dispatch, and order scheduling.

Real-time updates

The updates help you stay informed about the restaurant performances and your staffs’availability.

Payment and commission management

Every time payment is made, it is updated in the admin panel. As an owner of the on-demand food delivery app, you can keep a watch on every financial transaction.

Your Targeted Audience

You need to evaluate the market and understand who you are building this app for. The evaluation is essential to market your on-demand food delivery app and also use it to generate revenues.

The best way to find your audience is by,

  • Demographics
  • Lifestyles,
  • Interests
  • Locations

As you discover all these key parameters about your audience, you get to know all things essential about the buyer persona. Your on-demand app may work on certain criteria such as busy schedules, students’ aspects, and working-class’ perspective. Your app can target all these phenomena.

One thing for sure to apply is the strategies the leading on-demand food delivery apps around their market.

After you have had your successful roadmap about the project of on-demand food delivery app development, it is time to meet the food delivery app developers.

Food Delivery App Development to Validate Your Idea

It is alright you have an excellent idea to launch your food delivery app business. But, you must consult with food delivery app developers like us at Bytes Technolab at first. It is important to verify your projects’ prospective success rate in the eyes through the professional and experienced app development company. It is essential as the developers can guide you with all the very significant technical ideas and application trends in the market. We would always suggest validating your concept with someone who has already worked with a client on his venture of a food ordering app.

Drawing An Ending Line

All statistics and studies are resourceful enough to help you gauge an idea about the prospective market for food delivery business through an on-demand food delivery app. When you are determined to venture into the business, all you need is the extended technical support and project strategy for the successful development of the project. Either you choose to develop an Android app or iOS app, Bytes Technolab reserves the best suggestions to help you with on-demand food delivery app. Get in touch today before others steal the benefits of the moment.

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