How to drive sales to your business using retail mobility solution

Nov 5, 2020

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Is it time for retail mobility?

With several countries across the world undergoing a lockdown again, social distancing has become the way of life. COVID-19 has affected not only affected health but has also led to a tremendous economic slowdown. However, the eCommerce retail solution services have a major role to play in tackling the situation and getting revenues on track. The lockdown has already impacted many physical stores, and now with the unprecedented times ahead, they are facing a low footfall. On the other hand, online purchases of products like groceries, health care items, toiletries, masks, sanitizers, personal hygiene, and more have gone up. There jas also been a rise in the downloads of eCommerce mobile applications over the past few months.

Therefore, it is now time to get retail mobility for your business.

Making the move to retail solutions online application

The true scenario of Covid 19 is in front of the physical store owners. Their business isn’t going to get back to normalcy any time soon. With the decision of getting an eCommerce mobile app, they would need a clear understanding of e-commerce retail solution service providers. But the main question is – wouldn’t it take longer to build an app?

The answer is NO. There are many platforms like Shopify and Magento that have made it easier for businesses to go online. They not only allow eCommerce store development with functionalities but also allow marketplace integrations for a wider audience reach. This ongoing trajectory is for 3 to 6 more months, and such platforms allow you to build retail solutions online application with a faster turnaround time.

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Future of physical stores after Covid-19

Covid-19 does not seem to be ending anytime soon, and businesses will have to understand this and work along the lines of its implications if they want to survive. This crisis has brought a fundamental change in the buyer’s behavior, and nowadays even the older generation who were once hesitant are trying online shopping. With retail solutions online application, businesses can multiply their sales, and the benefit of serving the customers even when they are not able to visit the physical stores develops trust amongst them. Another advantage is having a loyal base of buyers from across the globe.

Going online and having eCommerce retail solution services retains the certainty that comes with consistently being able to serve the customers. Small owners might not have enough capital to retain the entire staff, and they want to survive as much as possible. Getting retail application development services is the best way to do that and go beyond the traditional business setting by going digital. Purchasing is no longer a priority for people right now but business can give a psychological safety assurance to their buyers that will lead to years of customer loyalty.

If you are looking for retail mobility services in Australia, USA and India then don’t hesitate to call us.

Digital transformation tools in the Retail industry

Artificial intelligence

Buyers expect assistance and answer at any time of the day, and with Artificial Intelligence (AI) you can deliver attention to the shoppers 24/7. For example, the AI chatbots can act as store assistance, instantly responding to the buyer’s queries through online chat messages. Chatbots can also help in upsell, cross-sell, and point towards the products that the customers might be interested in.

This is a cost-effective and rapid response tool that can help in sealing the conversions and creating new leads.

Machine learning and Analytics

Machine learning acts as a bridge between the retailer and customers by predicting what the customer wants. It is a science that collects data from various sources and feeds this data into machine models that in turn help in predicting the outcome. Machine language is used in identifying the shopping pattern, customer’s buying behavior, marketing/promotions, product recommendations, special offers, creating forecasts based on the customer’s history.

Unified Commerce

Shoppers who use multiple channels expect you to be ready to serve them across every channel all the time. To achieve that, many business owners implement a unified commerce strategy – a single software platform that manages all the systems from one interface. Using different systems and pulling out data from each system can be tedious and time-consuming. Hence this unified commerce system helps in keeping the data integrity intact and secure.

Retail Mobility

The mobility in the retail industry that is mobile applications for the retail sector is another great connector that binds the customer with the seller. Buyers can check the products online, watch and read reviews, and can contact the brand or support group in case of inquiries. If you still don’t have a mobile application then you must consider our retail application development services. It has many advantages, facilitates purchasing, and brings your brand closer to your target customers. With mobile apps, you can also add new features and enhance services during further development.
The global Internet of Things for the retail market sector is expected to reach about 94.44 billion USD by 2025, and the technologies that the retailers use now will reflect the omnichannel nature of retail businesses. The below graph shows other technology where the retailers are currently investing to stay competitive with this Covid 19 pandemic.

You can get in touch with our team for a customized retail application development services for your business.

Get your digital transformation with retail mobility

Digital transformation sounds good, and the tools may also look exciting, but how do you get started?

The easiest, quickest, and most cost-effective way is to navigate your digital transformation journey retail solutions online application development company. Bytes Technolab is a leading retail solutions online application development company in USA, with industry-specific solutions across various retail verticals. Our team has deep experience and understands how crucial innovative solution is for today’s retail industry.

For questions on how Bytes Technolab can help you with mobility in the retail industry and take your business reach on top, please contact us today.

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