Why Should You Have A Mobile App For Your Automotive Business?

Sep 14, 2020

Mitul Patel

By Mitul Patel

Why Should You Have A Mobile App For Your Automotive Business?

Vehicles in the  Automotive industry  are a high-risk investment for customers and when purchasing a vehicle they do a lot of on-line research and visit the showroom for further information.

We can make all the essential details that a buyer is looking for while purchasing a vehicle available at one place through an  automotive mobile app . The increasing use of smartphones has changed the way buyer research for their vehicles and companies marketing vehicles to them. With over four out of ten people using smartphones, every brand must think of leveraging these mobiles to reach their customers.

If you have a vehicle showroom or deal with automobile business and are juggling with questions like why your business needs a website or a mobile app, then this article is for you. Let’s have a look at some benefits of  mobile app development for the automotive industry.

Advantages of having Automotive Mobile App

Drive more sales :

Showrooming is when a customer visits the dealership store to get the information of a vehicle and then goes online to look for a cheaper deal. A customized automobile app can combat this challenge by offering inventory and pricing comparison. Such immediate and personalized service from your company will improve the user experience and increase the likelihood of making a sale. Innovation in the automotive industry is taking a new turn with the integration of IoT and artificial intelligence. Self-driving systems, sensors, and supply chain all of these technologies have a mobile app as a base.

Empower customers with information :

Customers mention they seek out information regarding the brand, price, dealer information, vehicle details, and payment options online before deciding to buy any vehicle. With a custom-made automobile app you can provide easy access inventory, price comparisons, and customer reviews to your buyers in just a click.

Competitive Geofencing :

Geofencing helps both customers engage in purchase and dealerships to improve their tactics for attracting customers. Within the automotive app, geofencing can enable the dealers to send special push notifications with promotions to vehicle buyers located within certain kilometers of the area. You can leverage this strategy and provide substantial deals to differentiate your business from the competitors.

Increase sales through Follow-Ups :

Keeping your customer engaged at every stage of the buying journey is the key component. Follow-up at regular intervals during decision making can improve the chance of dealership. Mobile apps for the automotive industrycan help you market directly to the customers by sending messages such as: Send vehicle info to those customers who left the showroom without purchase

– Advertise discounts or cost-effective promotions

– Send post-sale follow-ups for loyalty.

– Allow online appointment booking

We, an automotive app development company, can implement any or all of these tools in your automotive mobile app.

Keep customers with Servicing :

Vehicle servicing is a wonderful opportunity to lure your customers again. Automotive app development will enable the customers to view service hours, book service appointments, consult dealers for vehicle repairs, pay online, and more. You can also send the updates to the customers with every service visit and schedule an appointment for the next servicing.

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Must-have features for Automotive Mobile Apps

  • Catalog: The vehicle catalog is important, and a business app for the automotive industry should ensure this feature.
  • Vehicle Page: Once the user can see the  vehicle options, he should also be able to check the information about each of those vehicles.
  • Contacts: You can also have a feature with the contact details of all the service centers and dealers based on location.
  • EMI calculator: It is good to have EMI rates calculated as per the vehicle selected so that the customer gets a brief insight into the money involved.
  • Advanced Search: Users should have no trouble in finding the vehicle so the search system must be such that one can seek options based on vehicle model, year of issue, etc.
  • Social integration: Your app must be able to integrate with social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.
  • Online Booking: It is worth offering  buyers a chance to book vehicle reviews, test drive, after-sale maintenance or services, etc.
  • Chat system: With a mobile chat feature you can be in touch with your customers round the clock.
  • Feedback: This will increase the customer’s trust by allowing them to contact you again and again.


Running a lucrative business in  the automotive industry  requires the right tools for building a lasting customer relationship and increasing sales. But with a customized mobile app for your business, you can achieve this.

Are you convinced to go digital with your automotive business? If yes then the next step that you need to do is get in touch with our company for the  automotive app development services  to translate your idea into reality. Level up your business with Bytes Technolab – the best  automotive app development company.

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