Angular.js Web Development

Why Choose Angular.js for Web Development?

AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. Growing as one of the fastest development environments in the world today, the AngularJS framework allows you to create dynamic content using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Bytes Technolab, as a leading Angular development services provider, delivers customized models focused on your unique business requirements.


Our Angular.js Development Services

eCommerce Apps

Using Angular.js to build scalable eCommerce and marketplace platforms with responsive designs.

Custom Web Portals

To meet evolving market needs, our Angular.js experts create custom modules & portals as per your needs.

Responsive Web Apps

We engineer interactive & responsive web pages & applications that are compatible across all platforms.

Single Page Apps

With expertise in Angular & HTML, we build quality SPAs that load faster with a native look & feel.

Intelligent Dashboards

Hire Angular.js experts to build user-friendly dashboards to give rich data insights & analytics with BI touch.

PWA Development

Crafting Progressive Web Apps that can be accessed as a native app even in areas with low connectivity.

Create Your Angular.js Dev Team

Hire Angular.js developers and onboard a team with immense industry experience within 48-72 hours.

Our Angular.js experts will help you with Data binding, MVC, Scope, Routing, Deep linking, Angular CLI, AJAX handling, Dependency Injections, Cross-platform app development, and unit testing, etc. to meet various business needs.

The in-house Angular.js developers will also help you develop dynamic PWAs with offline access & cross-platform capabilities. Leveraging the power and benefits of the Angular.js framework to reuse the code, we promise to deliver apps in record time with uncompromised quality.


Benefits of Angular.js Web Development


The app built with Angular & TypeScript can be installed across Mac OS, Windows, Linux and smartphones.


With Angular dependency injection and services, we can resolve productivity issues and boost dev process.

A Declarative

It reduces workflow load with representational logic and helps us speed up the development process.

MVC Architecture

With an MVC architecture, we break down components in a single class & reuse codes to craft user interfaces.

POJO Data Models

Enables object manipulation with conventional JS functions and we use it to boost the app usability.

Unit Test

TypeScripts being integrated with IDEs such as VS Code & WebStorm keeps data clean & enable bug detection.


Modularity enables the consolidation of components & directives that boosts overall app functionality.

2-Way Data Binding

ngModel directive implements a two-way data binding fostering data updates also updates UI.

Why Choose Us?

We are an award-winning Angular.js web development company that delivers end-to-end Angular.js web development services as seen above. To cover the missing parts, our Angular.js experts also build custom APIs and integrate those as well as 3rd-party APIs to boost your custom web application functionality & potential.


Agile Development

Our Angular.js web development services are planned with a detailed roadmap with well-defined project requirements. We always use the best practices and tools to build & deliver the right software product.


Experienced Angular.js Experts

We have the best industry experience & Angular.js expertise to complement the Agile development process. From software prototyping to launching, we offer the best-customized solutions with transparency.


Client-focused Approach

Bytes Technolab always takes care of your product and end-user data security. We perform a vulnerability scan, source code analysis, and data encryption to advanced security to ensure optimum data privacy & stability.


One-Stop “Angular” Shop

We offer the full-service spectrum that includes Angular Migration, Social Networking Apps development with Real-time Chat modules, stringent test-driven development, dedicated app maintenance, and support.



Hire us to CREATE a dev team or BUILD an app.
Guaranteed project kick-off within 48-72 hours.

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