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Why Use Node.js for Web Development?

With Node.js for backend development, JSON provides the NoSQL database requiring you to avoid data manipulation and have more control over data exchange. As a result, you get powerful web & mobile apps.

Bytes Technolab has in-house expertise in working with the best Node.js frameworks like Express.js, Meteor, and Sails.js. Our Node.js web development services enable server-side and client-side rendering both at an equal consistency for faster real-time apps.

We have dedicatedly developed lightweight, scalable, and flexible web applications with a difference built on the open-source and cross-platform Node.js framework.


Our Node.js Web Development Services

We help you unlock the full potential of your apps and websites with our Node.js web development services. We are committed to giving you reliable, secure, quality services to use Node.js for backend development.

Experts Express.js Development

We integrate API using HTTP and CSS compliant Pug templates to create apps with best Node.js frameworks.

eCommerce App Development

We prefer Node.js to build scalable eCommerce platforms with critical functionalities & complex backends.

Rich Portal Development

We can add functional elements with Node.js and Express.js to ensure real-time user feedback for web portals.

Custom Node.js Development

With runtime environment Nodejs, we can use NPM, AJAX and JSON to build custom-made Node.js solutions.

Custom CMS Development

By enabling GraphQL support, our experts can offer top CMS solutions with MongoDB & React running on Node.js.

Node.js Backend Development

Hire Node.js experts to build dynamic & user-friendly backend systems for CRM, ERP, web & mobile apps.

API Development & Integration

We build RESTful APIs & also integrate 3rd-party APIs to add functionalities with Nodejs, Mongoose, JWT and more.

Socket-based Web Development

We fuse, Hapi.js and other websocket libraries with Node.js to speed up real-time web app development.

Dashboard Development

We run npm modules and many Node.js modules like event-loop and web sockets to build powerful dashboards.

Perks of Node.js for Web Development

  • Full-stack JavaScript development : Be it backend or frontend, you can reduce development cost and also time with one single language JS.
  • Microservice Architecture : Ready-to-use and event-driven I/O modules can be split into small pieces to test the app’s scalability and usability.
  • Rich Environment : JavaScript-based NPM provides you with large numbers of blocks to build Node web apps and improve performance.
  • Rapid Development : Chrome V8 engine turns JS codes into machine codes and enables faster web app development.
  • Event-driven: Node.js uses event-driven programming, making lightweight and efficient real-time app development easier and faster.

What Makes Us the Best Node.js Development Company?

Experienced Coders

Hire Node.js developers with proven expertise in Nodejs, JavaScript, Nest.js, Sail.js, Express.js to build data-driven IoT apps, chat apps, social platforms, etc.

Personalized Approach

We follow two approaches, extensibility and reliability while developing our strategies with transparency to have your valuable insights into building backends.


From installation, troubleshooting to upgrades, we do everything efficiently. Hire Node.js programmers who are ready to help you any time you want.

Build a Team of Node.js Experts

Our developers can offer you the quality Nodejs consulting services designed to address the diverse business challenges of clients. Our wide pool of skills in Node.js APIs Buffers and HTTP, new features async/await, Express.js, Hapi.js, npm encryption and ORM tools among other enable us to master every Node.js development. Create and own your team now. We present, you choose & onboard.


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