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What is Business Intelligence?

Let us first understand it in simple terms.

Your business data is the result of a story and we are masters in using the right tools to explore that story. We make the data meaningful, find the sources and explain how every piece of data is tied to your business. By joining the points via mind-mapping, we will create a map that can guide you to improve your operations. This is Business Intelligence.

Business intelligence (BI) is a term that refers to a variety of software applications used to analyze an organization’s raw data. Bytes Technolab is a leading Business Intelligence Development Company in India that includes multiple activities under its umbrella such as data capture, data mining, online analytical processing, querying, and reporting.


Our approach to Business Intelligence Development


Business Intelligence Strategy

Closely collaborated teams of both parties will discuss ideas, suggestions, problems, and solutions to create a robust BI strategy with a roadmap aligned to business requirements, objectives, and future.


Data-driven System Design

To never ever miss a moment without any data, we bring a robust and proven methodology to design a data-driven architecture and system. We help you to use your business data to create and add business value.


BI Front-end Tools

Our experts’ industry experience and BI expertise will help you find and develop fitting BI front-end solutions. The tools our BI developers deliver will perfectly match your organization’s needs and users.


Data Visualization

Implement data visualization to use the raw business data, model it, and enhance the final quality data that delivers gives stakeholders, business owners to make a better prediction of sales volumes and future growth.


User Adoption

We don’t end up once we deliver. A successful BI solution is a solution that is loved by its users. That is why we educate and train your users to accomplish success once we implement business intelligence in your existing system.

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Our Business Intelligence Services include

BI Implementation

Our business intelligence services include solutions for effective data preparation, BI Architecture Optimization and implementation, and Data Warehouse construction.

Custom BI Software

We will design and build a custom BI software app for desktop, mobile, and web. We also will help you craft dashboards that will let you monitor your metrics in real-time.

Data Warehousing

BI experts create centralized repositories and connect multiple nodes for secure data aggregation that helps in data mining, filtering, cleansing, analyzing, and reporting.

Cloud Business Intelligence

We help you use the cloud to leverage container architecture build custom apps that are lightweight yet high-performing to scale up and update BI infrastructure easily.

Data Integration

We integrate various databases on distributed applications to turn complex ideas into actionable insights with clarity with various tools of Data Integration into data silos.

BI Dashboard Development

Automate the generation of data-rich reports including tables, charts, gauges, maps, etc. to analyze and plan your next business intelligence strategy precisely.

BI Tools & Platforms we use

Microsoft Power BI

We provide Power BI-enabled services to enterprises for creating real-time dashboards to generate quick actionable insights for reporting and data visualizations across all desktop and mobile platforms.


We can assist you in constructing a more powerful, secure, and flexible end-to-end analytics platform with Tableau. Any type of graphs, plots, and charts can be made easily in it without the need for any programming.

Google Data Studio

We provide Google Cloud-Based Solutions for the construction of interactive business intelligence applications and help use real-time insights to make improved business decisions.

Amazon QuickSight

Well managed visualization solution based on Machine Learning technology is among the services we offered to improve your business performance.


We offer QlikView Solutions for constructing directed analytics applications with a more flexible business-ready solution. Our BI developers are masters to use QlikView to convert your raw business data into knowledge.


Used to solve problems involving massive amounts of data and computation, it provides a software framework for distributed storage and processing of big data using the MapReduce programming model.

Benefits of Implementing BI Solutions with our help

Fast and Accurate Reporting

Templates and customized reports can be used for the monitoring of KPIs with the help of various data sources such as financial, operations, and sales data. Real-time generation of these reports allows businesses to act quickly by making optimum use of the most relevant data. The inclusion of graphs, charts, and tables inculcates easy-to-read visualizations in the reports. Some of the BI software builds more interactive reports to allow users to access different variables and information quickly.

Valuable Business Insights

It helps locate the strengths and weaknesses of businesses by gauging employee productivity, revenue, and overall success as well as department-wise performance more effectively as BI tools allow organizations to identify what is functional and where is the source of the problem.

Competitive Analysis

Managing and manipulating a large amount of data at one go drives a competitive edge for businesses and organizations. Also, Budgeting, planning, and forecasting help incredibly in staying ahead in the competition extracting much more than standard analysis and becoming easier tasks to be performed with BI software. It develops the ability to track and analyze the sales and marketing performance of competitors and to differentiate products and services.

Better Data Quality

Taking care of the collection, updating, and creation of quality data is essential for the success of a business, and Business Intelligence software allows companies to aggregate various data sources to get a complete overview of what is going on in the businesses and what are the results of that.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Business Intelligence software is of great help for companies as they enable companies to understand customer behaviors and patterns. It allows companies to take customer feedback in real-time and this information is useful for service improvement by understanding the buying patterns and develops the competency to retain and earn new customers.

Identifying Market Trends

BI helps identify new business and market trends. It enables finding out new opportunities and constructing out a strategy using supportive data which can give businesses a competitive edge to impact long-term profitability. This allows leveraging comparison of external and internal data and detection of new sales trends becomes easy by analyzing customer behavior and market trends.

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