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Gain Insights into How to Build a Successful Logistics App

Jul 30, 2020

Bhavesh Surani

By Bhavesh Surani

Gain Insights into How to Build a Successful Logistics App

Companies around the world have moved onto outsource the supply chain/logistics services. According to a Supply Chain Reinvention Survey, only one-fourth of an organization leverages their autonomous supply chain services. As per ResearchAndMarkets.com, logistics service market will see a growth of US$ 2,029 by 2027. This is a great opportunity to capitalize on logistics services.

However, when you are operating across supply chain management, you know how essential it is to maintain visibility all of your operations. From warehouse to fleet and delivery services, you must maintain unassailable visibility around these departments. If not paid attention to, things become a nightmare for logistics business owners like you, which may result in profit loss too. To improve visibility and solve more complex your logistics operations, a cloud-based platform can prove efficient. However, more often the idea to build one logistics apps or cloud-based solutions for the purpose loses momentum as time passes. Unless you realize a strong need for this app, the logistics operations may become more frustrating to manage.

Here’s why a Logistics App Development goes off well?

The logistics services render a huge deal of functions. They include,

  • Warehouse management,
  • Freight management
  • Fleet management
  • Maximizing truckloads
  • Route optimization
  • Inventory & storage management
  • Network analysis
  • Supply chain consultancy

The view into the logistics operations gives you an idea about how critical and fast the services are. All these functions are not achievable easily through manual maneuvers. As you see, all of these require error-free paperwork, accuracy in delivery time, and product dispatches. If you can automate these tasks, you can gain more coordinated outcomes.Mobility solutions are central to offering real-time logistics management services. If you think you must develop one, Bytes Technolab has extensive expertise to go with your demand and build end-top-end logistics management solutions.

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Most Enthralling Logistics App Development Ideas for Your Supply Chain Business

Real-time shipment for last-mile delivery

The eCommerce sales are increasing every year. The emergence of technology in the retail sector has resulted in fierce competition among sellers. To render faster deliveries and to meet the overwhelming customer demand for last mile delivery, logistics services need to improve their delivery pattern. In order to excel as a leading freight service app, manage last-mile deliveries.

As is with last-mile deliveries, fleet plays a great ole. The best you can do is get fleet management solutions. Compatible across mobile and desktop, the fleet solution is an ideal app for collaboration between drivers and you. With comprehensive data access to dashboard, you can easily gain insights into your delivery operations.

Best features of fleet management solutions

  • Easy collaboration with a fleet from anywhere
  • Advanced Geo-fencing technology improves and offers real-time fleet tracking
  • Monthly report on fuel consumption to control inefficient fuel usage
  • Video-enabled route optimizer eases avoiding road accidents and also other damage to your fleet

As you can control everything about your fleet with a fleet management solution, you can improve last-mile delivery services.

Blockchain technology in logistics for operation improvements

We already know that the logistics industry is not a sole entity to operate autonomously. It involves many parties to succeed. The trust and reliability between the parties matter. As a contract is essential between manufacturers, suppliers, auditors, and customers, blockchain smart contract works wonder. Everyone in the chain stays informed about the transactions, and gains access to other operations such as product manufacturing. On the other hand, information stored in the blockchain technology is secure since no third party can alter it. With all of its overwhelming qualities, blockchain technology can reshape your logistics business by automating the whole buying process, thus saving you time and effort.

Illustrative benefits of blockchain

  • Improves quality assurance
  • Keeps a watch for performance history of freight services and other suppliers
  • Keeps a track report of high-value assets
  • Sends real-time alert on freight capacity
  • Improves and accelerates payment and pricing process
  • Integrated with photo IDs for pickup and delivery services, thus detecting frauds and preventing theft.

Consumer engagement through intuitive features integration

Interactive features of freight or logistic app are essential to attract online users. The most efficient feature is a conversation AI chatbot that helps assist operations at several sales points through a supply chain. The most common features are shopping, tracking, ordering, picking and more. You can also add other key features such as,

  • Registration and login
  • Fleet lists
  • Fleet booking
  • QR code and NFC reader
  • Multi Language support
  • Route optimization
  • Fuel finder

For successful development of your freight app, you must consider all these essential features and also recommendations as why you need a logistics app for your freight business.

The takeaway

You know the logistics market is ever-increasing for the global population moving faster than ever. If you decide to establish your business upon logistics services, your trucking business can see good growth in upcoming years. Hence, if you have any ideas related to the trucking business, you can get in touch with us at Bytes Technolab . We can create a product roadmap, analyze the market scopes, and build an app that fits the bill. Hire our Android/iOS app developers to publicize your service as soon as possible. Connect with us today.

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