The best Marketplace integration solutions from Bytes Technolab for your eCommerce store

Nov 12, 2020

Bhavesh Surani

By Bhavesh Surani

The best Marketplace integration solutions from Bytes Technolab for your eCommerce store

Are you running the race of getting your physical store online and increasing sales? If so then you are certainly doing this in the rush for increasing the store visibility and business revenue. This can be a difficult task with so many eCommerce stores mushrooming in the retail market. eCommerce stores are constantly upgrading their store and innovating to help them meet with the customer’s expectation and create a unique value. But how can the stores uplift their sales, traffic and increase ROI? The answer to this is Magento marketplace integrations.
By 2040 it is expected that more than 95% of all purchases will be done using eCommerce.

What online Marketplace is?

The online marketplace is a platform where businesses and individuals can list their services and products for sale. In other words, it is a virtual shopping mall where customers get everything they are looking for under a single roof i.e. a website. Such multi-vendor marketplace integrations allow sellers to manage their orders, products and sales from a centralized system.
Not just the startups or small eCommerce store owners are making their journey into online marketplaces like Walmart, Amazon, Sears, Rakuten and Jet integrations but also the big company owners are also stepping for Magento and Shopify integrations.


What are the available tools to create eCommerce store?

If you want to launch your online store then there are certain tools like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce which are already available. While these four offers all the support for sellers and their customers there are some differences between them.
Shopify offers a simple way for online selling but at the cost of flexibility. Magento offers enterprise-level flexibility but at the sake of ease of use. WooCommerce and BigCommerce come somewhere in the middle where these offer good flexibility and fairly good ease of use.

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Various Marketplace integrations for eCommerce

  • Magento Walmart integrations

    With its launch in 2009, Walmart has come out as a leading store that has broadened its inventory in the Marketplace. The online presence of Walmart for selling and buying is gearing up, and only a handful of an eCommerce service provider like us can assist you with selling products through Magento marketplace integration.
    Bytes Technolab has helped many store owners with Magento Walmart integrations to easily get their products listed in the Walmart store.

  • Magento eBay Integration

    One of the largest business platforms for sellers in American B2B and B2C eCommerce market is eBay. To keep pace with its customers eBay has acquired many technologies such as Artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning. Our team at Bytes Technolab has provided many such Magento eBay Integrations for companies across the globe.

  • Magento Amazon integration

    The go-to stop for all buyers today is Amazon. With more than 197 million people visiting Amazon each month it is the best place for sellers to start marketing their product. When store owners have Magento Amazon integrations they can hence expect their sale to increase by 50%.

  • Magento Rakuten integration

    If you are selling on Magento store then a great way to increase your sales is through Magento Rakuten integrations. The already established customer base of the Japanese retail giant Rakuten can help your brand in building a global rapport and boost up the sales.

  • Magento Jet Integration

    Within a few months of its launch Jet became very popular and has millions of visitors each month.
    Because of its price saving, smart shipping and dynamic pricing solutions, many store owners are opting for Magento Jet Marketplace integrations.

  • Magento Sears integration

    Sears provides a list of flexible tools that makes pickup and selling of products easy. It also offers features on order shipping, inventory maintenance and more to allow the sellers to concentrate more on their customer interaction and marketing strategy.

  • Shopify Integration

    Store owners who use Shopify can use it as a Shopify online store or as a POS store with integrations. Shopify integrations allow automation in sync inventory, pulling of sales information, and syncing of products across platforms.

  • WooCommerce Integrations

    This is the most popular and flexible open-source eCommerce platform. The freedom of open source allows the full ownership retention of the store’s data and content to its owner with the help of WooCommerce integrations.

  • BigCommerce integrations

    One of the most feature-rich eCommerce solutions in the market is BigCommerce. With BigCommerce integrations you will get tools required to create a new store with ease and will also be able to sync inventory in real-time.

Concluding Thoughts

Which marketplace would be on top and what would be dethroned is something that cannot be predicted. But market place integrations help businesses owners to pick up and stream and grow sales. There are many opportunities for the eCommerce to increase sales and hold growth with marketplace integrations.
Don’t fret! Be clear with your idea and get in touch with our team at Bytes Technolab for Marketplace integration.

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