Top 3 Most Exciting Secrets to Building Your Travel App in 2020

May 25, 2020

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Top 3 Most Exciting Secrets to Building Your Travel App in 2020

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the travel industry has been a worst-hit sector. However, it is time to see the crisis as an opportunity and move ahead to be able to adapt to the current scenario so that travel startups can build up new business models. As they invest in new strategies or build software application development road maps, it pays off long-term benefits once the crisis period wraps up. Travel startups must leverage this approach to staying afloat amid the crisis and designing a co-existing plan through a travel app development.

Over two months, demand is dropping down. Customer service demand rises as customers are looking to cancel or thinking not to reschedule trips. The global cancellation rate is up by 20% now. However, there is a silver lining on the end of the tunnel, and we could maximize opportunities that come to us.

Maximizing Opportunities As They Appear

Despite travel restrictions, people are still planning trips closer to home or nearby destinations – mostly domestic tours. Travel requests are being made with less advanced notice with a quick booking process. Until startups have advanced travel applications, it is tough to meet customer expectations. Also, some prospects are still there for travel startups to remain focused and work productively.

Dynamics driving the travel market growth are,

  • An increasing popularity of online travel apps
  • Growing disposable incomes
  • Discounted travel packages
  • Online travel market estimated to be worth $1,091 bn by 2022

Since more and more online travel market is coming up as estimated by the forecast period, they need to have a direct customer service approach through travel app development. When you consider focusing on your travel business, your travel app must emphasize user experience in the first place. Let’s work through your way to building a travel planning app with the most intriguing features.

Finding The Most Exciting Travel App Development Cues For Your Travel Business

Tours are always meant to be exhaustive and sometimes stressful unless travelers have the right travel guide or information. Delivering the best travel assistance or experience on a tour keeps your customer hooked to your service and keeps them returning back to you. That’s
where you can find a way to strengthening relationship loyalty. Your travel app must focus on user preference to satiate their demands.

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AI Technology to Ease Travel Itineraries

For a new traveler, solo, or group trip- the situation may become drastic as they have little to no information about the locales, transport, and food. To get them out of this baffling condition, the best way is to integrate NLP-based Artificial Information technology in your app. AI-based voice or message assistant could help your traveler anywhere they get stuck.
Your customer can have better user experience through different services such as,

  • 24/7 digital assistance
  • Hassle-free travel
  • Chatbot-enabled last-minute booking

Personalized Travel Services

Personalization in travel services is best regarded to amp the customer experience as we have already experienced with video streaming app Netflix. The best recommendations during travel search could strike a chord with a user and intrigue them to book your service.
Service offerings can come from different zones to woo new customers as well. Do tricks with offerings such as,

  • Discounts on tour packages
  • A comparison toolkit to find the best deals for flights and hotel stays

Being in the travel industry, you can transform your travel app from being merely a travel booking app. It must have more to offer to its customers. Get in touch with the best iOS/Android app development company to know your options. With a focus on customer personalization, you can help your customers save time, energy, and of course money.

Video-based Intuitive Apps to Increase User Engagement

The more interesting or interactive is your app, the more customers flock to your travel app.For the success of any travel app, it is imperative to emphasize on user engagement. Video-based content that offers vivid information about a travel destination is a sure fire way to attract customer attention and influence them to travel with you.

Increase visibility upon the user activity through analytics report so that you can automate personalized recommendations to users and help them books a destination as fast as possible.

Summing up

If you have a travel app organizer or travel app development idea, you can open up about your mind with a dedicated mobile app development company like Bytes Technolab. Contact us; let’s design the best road map of Europe, Asia-Pacific, and America-based travel ideas to increase the number of users to your travel apps. If you are still confused, let’s discuss it. We are more than happy to connect with you and discuss your travel app ventures.

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