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As of 2017, 325,000 mobile healthcare or medical apps were available for the patients. The number of health apps was more in Android than in iOS. Perhaps, the growth rate is 25% year-on-year. The steady growth rate of health apps is a signal of the heightened interests that healthcare providers preserve to craft a digital strategy for patients. The mobile health application development is more than just a luxury. It is a sort of diagnostic tool to stay healthy conveniently.

Figure 1 Surge in Mobile Health Apps


But without a good grasp of mobile health application design and development acumen, no mobile app developers can satisfy the expectations of the patients and also the demands of the physicians. In the pursuit of designing perfect healthcare or medical application, it has to meet everyone’s demand along the path.The use of health apps is high among physicians, pharmacies, drug makers, health insurers, and patients. However, we can affirm that the surge of the medical app usage is due to the following reasons,

  • Healthcare apps bring healthcare providers, staff, and patients onto the same platform.
  • Connectivity and communication is easy and scalableresulting in speedy outcomes
  • Patient information is accessible across different devices enhancing quick delivery of patient care
  • Healthcare service providersare enthusiastic about value-based medical care
  • Public sector medical providers digitize the whole process with medical apps
  • Consumers have the convenience to schedule appointments, book an appointment, and engage in a video consultant with a doctor.

These medical care facilities can be achieved from anywhere, anytime that can add to a whole lot of seamless experience to patient care transforming consumer expectations with digital innovations.

The mobile health development helps investors advantage from attractive revenue models.As you get one, you can license it, provide service sales, and build apps for third parties.

What Types Of Apps Can You Build To Enjoy The Benefits?

  • Mobile medication alerts
  • Direct messaging from app
  • Diagnostic chatbots
  • Geolocation or geofencing

An Important lesson to the design and development of a Scalable Mobile Health App

You must put in place a number of design modules and put them together when they appear to be ready. This framework is efficient to add elements if need be and avoid costly design errors.So, when the framework is ready, it is easier to go to personalize the brand experience.

Intuitive User Interface with In-App Navigation

By now, you are aware of your target audience. A health app must accomplish a number of objectives such as registering staff attendance, patient consultation, and insurance settlement among others.

Being a feature-loaded health app, it must adhere to users’ preferences through a simple yet, interactive UX/UI. For say, a medical app must be capable of delivering healthcare information to people who need them.

Also, users must relate to the app they use. So, your app must be intuitive and flexible with the facility of in-app navigation. Swifter the navigation process, more engaged are the patients. And that’s where it fetches you good scores and increases the number of users for your particular medical app type.

For say, if the functionalities of appointment scheduling are fast and flexible in the embedded in-app calendar, user satisfaction can be enhanced. Hire an expert mobile app developer to get more essential features for your apps.

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Enhanced User Engagement with Necessary Features
The end-result of a medical app is always to ensure user engagement. In this case, the incorporation of essential featuresinto your healthcare mobile app can help provide what the users want.

  • List of professional doctors
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Audio/video chat
  • Cancel or reschedule an appointment
  • Geofencingor geolocation tracker to identify the nearest healthcare unit or pharmacy
  • Integration of payment gateway
  • Tracker to know the patient health status

Ask your app developer to get all these necessary features for your app. An app with embedded features can deliver the best online health facilities to patients; hence it popularizes your app.

AI or ML- powered health app development

The integration of more sophisticated Artificial Intelligence or machine learning-based technologies are a way ahead of the curve to ensure people are equipped with information that helpsthem make better health decisions.

More to it, this particular technology aims to improve healthcare facilities in the regions where resources are minimal. Therefore, if you build an app with advanced computer vision technology, it empowers people in under served populations in the world to get quality health information, produce health-seeking behavior, and maximize access to healthcare.

The Takeaways

For aging population, scheduling in-person appointments is tough and challenging. If you are keen to run a seamless operation of your medical business, you must consider developing healthcare or medical app.

Android/iOS app developer scan be your leading choices. Be mindful that a healthcare app is all about consumer experience more than a healthcare experience. So, it should be a tool to create an effective healthcare experience. Never get wrong development that stands unused and forgotten. Get in touch with Bytes Technolab to build a healthcare app that fulfills your desire and the consumers too.

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