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What is the approximate cost to develop a fantasy sports app like Dream11?

May 13, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

What is the approximate cost to develop a fantasy sports app like Dream11?

Sport is popular all over the world, particularly football, baseball, and cricket. Entrepreneurs were able to invest in those entertainment solutions because of the craze for games. Many gaming applications have been released in the past that enable users to play their favorite sports. However, in recent years, this scenario has shifted.
Users can now compete in different leagues and win thrilling prizes in addition to just playing these games. They can form their own team and compete in online tournaments. They’re no longer just normal computer game apps; they’re now known as fantasy sports. The market for Sports application development in India is growing at a fast pace. Dream11 has been a household name in recent years. It is one brand that has consistently carved a niche for sports fans and continues to do so amid a sea of fantasy-sports smartphone applications. Simply put, it is an Indian-based fantasy sports platform that allows users to play fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi, and basketball games. It is one of the best Fantasy Cricket Sports apps with the potential for players to legally win cash prizes. The Dream11 architecture allows users to withdraw prize money from their Dream11 account linked to a PAN card (which is needed as ID proof) and deposit it into their bank account.
Everyone is now looking to make fantasy sports app like Dream 11 and there are many fantasy sports app development companies to help your concept come true.

So why is everyone so hyped about Dream11?

If you want to thrive in any market, you should understand the demand factor. People like to be in charge when it comes to fantasy football, whether it’s by PlayStation, computer games like FIFA, PES, or Dream11, for example. It’s similar to how we imagine ourselves to be the hero of any film we watch; it’s a psychological aspect. That is why it causes us to worry.When their favorite team wins or players score, viewers feel like they are in control of the game. As a result, they would give anything to have a comparable encounter.

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How does Fantasy Cricket App like Dream11 Works?

Before you even consider investing in a fantasy cricket app development service such as Dream11, it’s important to grasp how the app works. Only when you understand the intricacies of product creation would you be able to find the best mobile app development company for your project.
As a result, Dream11 is more than just a cricket fantasy sports app. It also has a variety of other games for sports fans to enjoy. It works on a very basic mechanism. All you have to do in this interactive gaming environment is find your favorite sports, build your own team by selecting teams, and you’re ready to go.
So, here are the steps that a user has to follow to use this app:

Select a Sport

After checking all of their data and making a profile, a person can choose their favorite sport as soon as they log into the app. They will choose the league they want to play in until they’ve decided on a sport.

Putting Together a Team

You’ll need a team to play fantasy sports like cricket or football. And it’s here where users get to choose and select the players who will make up their squad.

Choosing a Captaincy

In the real world, no team is complete without a captain, and the same is true in our virtual gaming world. The captain and vice-captain of the team must now be chosen by the users.

Make Multiple Teams

Players can form several teams, as well as teams for various tournaments. They also have the option of whether or not to join a squad.

Management of the Team

So, much as in a real cricket match, if a player isn’t doing well, you can switch your squad around as needed. Users will also keep track of and assess their teammates’ results.


There’s no point in playing a game if you don’t get something out of it. When a team does well, it wins a prize that can be divided among the team members. In addition, the winning team is the one with the biggest payout.

How can you get started with the development of a fantasy sports app like Dream11?

The fantasy sports app like Dream 11 is a hotbed of activity, with celebrity and fandom at an all-time high. Millennials enjoy idolizing celebrities and following up on their leads. One explanation is that they have free time, and the other is that they have smartphones.

The monetization plan

One of the most widely used monetization tools is advertisements. It just takes a few lines of code to make room for ads. To their irritating presence, consumers prefer ads to pay for the app outright. The number of users is likely to be very high in Dream11 app growth. Ads, on the other hand, only make you money if you have a sufficient number of customers. As a result, the use of advertisements as a monetization technique is common in fantasy sports app creation.

Making the software a paying app is the second tactic you should use. However, if you look at the study statistics, you’ll see that half of the gamers stop paying upfront. As a result, monetization is a risky gamble, particularly at first.

List of Important Features

The architecture of each app is what distinguishes it. The features you want to have, though, are what restrict the interface. As a result, you’ll need to make a list of software features ahead of time.

  • Quick user login

    The user registration process should be simple and uncomplicated. Any needless data or responses must be carefully removed. The login method must be easy enough for people to at least use the app once. As a result, it’s best to keep the input fields to the bare minimum, such as your email address and phone number. Social networking logins can be very helpful because they can provide you with information and enable you to register with a single tap.

  • Landing Page

    The single point from which the user can access any of the app’s corresponding displays. It must be lightweight, with just the bare minimum of tools and visual elements.

  • Manage User Accounts

    It allows you to monitor users, their account use, and the ability for users to edit, erase, and deactivate their accounts.

  • Manage Contests

    This function places the admin in charge of every new competition, as well as existing tournaments, allowing them to choose which are “free-to-play” and which are “featured games,” among other things.

  • Manage Reports

    Allows the administrator to see all reports produced during gameplay, such as the Earnings Report, Player Performance Report, Winner’s Performance, and so on.

Selecting the Best Framework

The platform selection is the next crucial step in designing a mobile application. Native applications, Progressive Web Apps, and Cross-platform apps are all terms that you might be familiar with. If you aren’t sure, the table below will help you figure it out.

The programming languages you use to create mobile apps are determined by the kind of app you choose to create. Different coding languages are used in native implementations, cross-platform frameworks, and so on. The functionality you saw in the previous segment, as well as the limitations it can impose on your application, the need to solve design coding, and so on, become debatable internal factors in deciding on the best system.

How much Fantasy sports app development cost?

The cost of developing a fantasy cricket app is now determined by several factors, including:

App development platform (Android or iOS)

App development complexities

Third-party APIs for the features you like in your app

UI/UX components

App development team size

Number of hours required to develop an app

App development area

Many of the above considerations would have a significant impact on the average expense of developing a fantasy sports app.

For a single platform like Android or iOS, an app like Dream11 would cost you between $5,000 and $10,000. However, based on the fantasy sports app development company you chose and the specifications, it could cost anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 or even more if you want it built on different devices and advanced features.

Wrapping up

As more countries legalize it, the Fantasy sports app is predicted to expand rapidly. It may be a larger game than the sport itself. The entire universe is interested in learning how to create a fantasy cricket app. With the plethora of sporting competitions coming up shortly, now is the ideal time to secure the biggest chunk. Create a Fantasy App right now and offer sports fans a new excuse to compete.Going with a reputable fantasy sports app development company is a very secure and practical option for creating your dream mobile app. Worry not!! We got it sorted for you. Bytes Technolab Inc. is the solution to all your worries. They provide the best fantasy sports app development services in the market and will help you launch into the market with a bang.

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