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Why Your Retail Industry Need A Mobile App: 8 Key Reasons

Sep 2, 2020

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Why Your Retail Industry Need A Mobile App: 8 Key Reasons

A decade ago, shopping was typically straightforwardly purchasing from the store. With the rise in technology and retail apps, the experience of shopping has changed a lot in the retail industry.

It is evident now that everything goes digital, and this applies to the retail industry more than for anyone else. Let’s take a closer look at how the online world is emerging and what opportunities it has for the retail business.

A recent research has shown that people spend almost 3 hrs and 40 mins each day on their mobile devices and out of this 90% of the time is spent on mobile applications.

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This indicates the impact of mobile on users so, it has become more important for retail industry owners to hire a retail app development companies to increase customer reach.

What does this mean for retail owners?

Whether you have a sports store, grocery, garment shop, or electronic accessory shop, your main aim must be to gather buyer’s attention. Because of COVID 19, several customers now prefer shopping online, and mobile apps being more convenient to use is grabbing all the attention. Geekwire revealed that in the US the online shopping has doubled in this pandemic when compared to 2018, and similar is the scenario everywhere else in the world.

As you know, demand generates supply, and to stay in the competition you must adapt your business according to customer’s preferences. Every retail business is bound to benefit from a mobile app solution, and when planned out with a tailored feature, it surely will grab the conscious of your target audience.

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More reasons to invest in mobile app development for retail business

Do you have a lack of reasons to develop your business app? Let’s dive in and consider how you can benefit from it:

Direct to customer sales:

The first benefit of creating a retail app is that it lets you have a global audience reach. Digital gadgets also make customer association 24×7 with the brands. The way of interaction has changed now with brands being in direct touch with the customers. Such mobile applications not only helps the buyers to be in direct contact with the company but can also be used to deliver coupons, offers, discount deals, and information to the consumers effectively.

Better conversion rates:

Creating an effective and informative app with features that consumers love can expand your business growth. Also, including your social media platform into the app will garner brand recognition. If a customer can see the products, add them to the shopping cart, or save it to buy later, it is a great thing. That results in increasing the conversion rate for your business.

Increased customer loyalty:

An app of your own helps you to be in contact touch with the customer. You can make use of the push notifications to send the message about your latest offers. You can thus build on loyal customers as they have downloaded the app on their devices. Instead of one time shoppers, you can gain loyal consumers who now have a convenient way of buying your products. Loyalty reward programs can also be set up to attract new and retain existing customers.

Secure payment:

People are on the constant move these days and rarely carry cash with them. A generous payment option that includes all the debit/credit cards, Google pay, net banking, wallets, etc. can be offered. It is hard to make these easy and flexible options available in a physical retail store.


In the online business world, analytics are the currency. To understand the needs of the customer and offer them personalized solutions requires deep analysis of data. With a retail mobile app development gathering, such data becomes easy and allows business decisions based on solid analytics. We at Bytes Technolab highly recommend you to use analytical tools in your application.

Improved user experience:

Customers need not wait for the page to load in mobile apps compared to the webpage. That improves interactivity and provides high features with easy functionality and smoother navigation, thus saving time.

Better in-store experience:

Many users prefer retail mobile apps while purchasing stuff from the physical shop. You can integrate both these stores and work them together as well. Shoppers can check and buy the product on the go and later collect it from the store. QR scanner facility can allow the users to carefully read out the information of the product before purchasing it.

Technology integration:

You can also introduce advanced technology to the retail app with the help of retail app development companies. Technology such as Geolocation can be used for sending a notification or current offers to the visitors when they get closer to your store.

To Wind up

Retailers can no longer avoid advances in the digital world, given how buyers select, review, and purchase the products is changing rapidly. Mobile applications are forefront in today’s evolution and present major opportunities for retailers to win in this environment.

If you are ready to grow your business with retail mobile app development, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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