Why Integrate your Magento store with Jet marketplace?

Magento Jet Integration

About Magento Jet Integration

Jet is one of the largest marketplace in the world and has become the 4th biggest marketplace in the USA. It has a customer base of about 14 million visitors and receives lakhs of new customers each month. With the help of Magento Jet Integration, you can control and command the process involving inventories.

With Magento Jet Integration, dealers can arrange and guide products on eCommerce stores without much stress. It helps both seller and buyer by matching the order with the merchant who can fulfill at low cost. Commissions are also manageable and can be modified through Jet API.


Features Offered By Jet Integration Extension

  • The user-friendly and simple interface of Jet makes upload and browsing faster.
  • On Jet platform orders are synced automatically into your Magento eCommerce store.
  • Different prices and variable pricing can be set for the products.
  • Complete management of payment and returns at the backend of the system.
  • Auto update of the product order status is available on Jet.com.
  • Varieties of products and product updates are synced using Jet API.

Why Choose Jet Magento Integration Services With Bytes Technolab?

Expert team

Our team has expert knowledge and experience in the integration of many marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Jet, Sears, Rakuten, Walmart, and more.

Affordable Solutions

We at Bytes Technolab provide cost-effective solutions to your eCommerce Business that drives traffic and has high ROI.


Our Jet Integration Services provide highly scalable and tailored solutions that help our clients to grow their online business.

Resources and Tools

We provide a complete solution to manage everything right from the stock inventory to order management and shipping.

Seamless experience

We integrate your online store with multiple channels for a smooth user experience between both your marketplace and the web store.

Synced Inventory

We ensure that your products are well synchronized through Jet integration with your eCommerce store.


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Benefits Of Having Magento With Jet Integration


Product Listing

Once a Jet category is created for the product and it is uploaded, the status for that product keeps getting updated on Jet automatically when it is being updated on your Magento store.


Unarchived and Archived Products

After the products are uploaded in this online marketplace, they can be disabled if you no longer wish to sell them and can be reopened later.


Auto Order Import

As soon as an order is placed on Jet platform, it gets imported within 15 mins into your Magento store automatically.


Accurate Synchronization

Magento Jet Integration has a well managed inventory with continuous synchronization mechanism that keeps the stocks updated.


Reject Notifications

If there is invalid information about the product while uploading it is rejected and listed separately with error details.


Shipment convenience

Shipstation module makes it easy for business owners to keep a track of the order.

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