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Magento Sears Integration

Sears being a chain of American online retail stores gathers millions of visitors every month. Sears marketplace provides a secure, reliable, and efficient way to grow business quickly. You can now handle all your sales orders, inventories, listings, and shipping needs in one place. If you are looking forward to diversifying your marketing channels then Magento Sears Integration is the best option


Features Offered By Sers Integration Extension

  • Advertising on Sears will give your brand a chance to reach a wide range of customers.
  • Magento Sears Integration offers comprehensive stats data and user-friendly order management.
  • Multiple product sales by placing your inventories on sears and sears Kiosks.
  • Magento store with Sears integration will give maximum exposure to your brand. GET A QUOTE
  • At regular intervals, auto-synchronization of inventory and listing of the products is established. Returns are imported automatically into your Magento store as soon as they are created on Sears.

Why Choose Bytes Techno Lab’s Magento Sears Integration Services?

Expert team

Our team has expert knowledge and experience in the integration of many marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Jet, Sears, Rakuten, Walmart, and more.

Affordable Solutions

We provide cost-effective solutions for your eCommerce Business to sell better on World’s leading marketplace.


We provide highly scalable and tailored solutions that help our clients to grow their online business.

Resources and Tools

With the help of our resources and tools, we provide a complete solution to manage everything right from the stock inventory to order management and shipping.

Seamless experience

We integrate your online store with multiple channels for a smooth user experience between both your marketplace and the web store.

Synced Inventory

We ensure that your products are well synchronized through Amazon integration with your eCommerce store.


To know more about Magento Sers Integration

What Are The Benefits Of Magento Sears Extension Integration?


Multichannel Fulfillment

You can autoroute the sales from Sears to other platforms like Amazon, to ensure that the order is fulfilled.


Forecast Restock

Analyzing reports with easy stock prediction is possible through Magento Sears integration.


Automatic process

No need for any manual process as the entire process is automated.


Bulk Uploading

Multiple items with names, details, and images can be uploaded at the same time.


Product Listing

Each item can be listed properly using the product listing tool.


Real-time Notifications

Each time a new order is received or any item is diminishing, a notification is received.

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