Sell on Magento and Increase Sales through Rakuten Integration

Magento Rakuten Integration

Rakuten is a Japanese eCommerce that has significantly made a mark for itself in the online shopping world. With more than 12 million visitors per month Rakuten undoubtedly is ranked amongst the top 3 marketplaces in the USA. Magento Rakuten Integration offers a unique and personalized touch to its buyers and hence this diverse platform is one of its kinds.


Features Offered By Rakuten Integration Extension

  • With Magento Rakuten Integration you can sell your products on a widely popular marketplace and gain a new customer base.
  • Utilize Rakuten API to customize the integration with your Magento store.
  • Auto synchronization of product inventory, order, and shipping details.
  • Strengthen your brand identity and improve ROI using the Magento store with Rakuten marketplace.
  • Your business can drive sales across the globe through platforms like Rakuten.
  • The integration of Magento with Rakuten has removed the hassles of entering product information on various sites.

Why Choose Bytes Techno Lab’s Magento Rakuten Integration Services?

Expert team

Our team has expert knowledge and experience in the integration of many marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Jet, Sears, Rakuten, Walmart, and more.

Affordable Solutions

We at Bytes Technolab provide cost-effective solutions to your eCommerce Business to sell better on the World’s leading marketplace.


We provide Hassle-free and tailored solutions to help you connect your online Magento store with Rakuten.

Resources and Tools

We help you in listing and managing all your products through Magento Rakuten Integration services.

Seamless experience

We integrate your online store with multiple channels for a smooth user experience between both your marketplace and the web store.

Synced Inventory

We ensure that your products are well synchronized through Magento Rakuten Integration for your eCommerce store.


To know more about Magento-Rakuten Integration Service

What Are The Features Of Integrating Rakuten With Your Magento Store?


Smart Filling

Rakuten smart fill tool offers plugin integrations with other shopping cart platforms such as Amazon and eBay.


Inventory management

You can control the stocks easily with instant updates from Rakuten panel.


All in one shopping

On the integration of Rakuten with your Magento store, the orders are shipped automatically to the customer's location.


Auto Listing

Once the integration is completed all your products are automatically listed on Rakuten


Quick notification

Once the order is shipped customers are provided a quick message with tracking details.


Manage refunds

With Magento Rakuten integrations the returns, refunds, and cancellations re managed easily.

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