Agent Directory Details

The Arizona based firm is an Independent Marketing Organization helping Agents and Advisors to get more quality customers through an online directory platform. With the vision to reach maximum of Financial Agents and providing them opportunity to grow, the firm decided to build a multi featured platform where Agents can manage the content, get listed on directory, share blogs on social media, and get quality leads.

Key Features

  • Participating agents can subscribe and receive a profile page.
  • Agents can add their description, phone number, website link, location and much more in the selected directory.
  • Agents can create blogs/articles.
  • Social media integration to share the blogs & articles on social media.
  • Agents have 7 directory options to get listed their profile.
  • Agents can select specific directories (based on subscription plan).
  • Provides a multi featured platform
  • Agents can view analytics.
  • Create articles, schedule articles, purchase articles and sell articles online.
  • Rewards point option.
  • Page builder to build agents landing page.

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Technical Overview

  • User friendly UI
  • Custom plugins developed to manage the agent landing page and to show agent’s profile.
  • Social Media integration with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • PayPal integration to make an online payment
  • 7 Directories to search and host the Agent profiles
  • Centralized dashboard to manage the Agent profile and subscription
  • Custom WordPress Plugins
  • Managed Support