Compare Fegli Details

CompareFEGLI is the ONLY FEGLI Option “B” comparison engine available on the Internet that gives you direct access to local financial professionals.

CompareFEGLI will help you weigh your FEGLI coverage against the true costs of private insurance available in your State.
You will see your Savings in an easy-to-digest format and get help making the right decisions through a network of local financial professionals trained to answer questions about your FEGLI Options.

Key Features

  • Compare FEGLI can help you find top-rated independent life insurance companies that are less expensive than your current FEGLI Coverage and may potentially be a better solution for your overall future retirement.
  • Compare your FEGLI Option B against private-market alternatives, and you may find options that are cheaper than FEGLI.
  • When you use, you will have access to local, knowledgeable professionals who understand FEGLI and can assist you in reducing the amount of money you spend on life insurance coverage.
  • FEGLI is rather inexpensive when you are younger (and less likely to need it). However, as you age, FEGLI will become very expensive.
  • The cost of ‘regular’ (non-government) life insurance vs. FEGLI will depend on how healthy you are, your age, and a host of other factors. Regardless of anything, your FEGLI rates will increase every five years, and FEGLI cannot accumulate a cash value.

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Technical Overview

Compare FEGLI has been built using WordPress based Content Management System. Developed custom WordPress plugin to compare FEGLI Coverage and find less expensive options. Send detailed report to user for their request a free quote made on Compare FEGLI site.

  • Custom WordPress Plugin Development
  • Insurance Coverage Count System
  • Content Management System