Finale 3D Details

Finale Fireworks is dedicated to providing software for fireworks professionals and hobbyists that makes you love every aspect of what you are doing. The company’s original 2D scripting software, Finale Business, has been used to design 10s of thousands of shows world-wide since its release in 2009. The company’s current flagship product, Finale 3D, is the successor to Finale Business.

Key Features

  • Visual Design : Finale 3D’s real-time simulation and drag-and-drop user interface empower you to design interactively.
  • High Quality Simulation : Create stunning Ultra-HD simulation videos for prospective clients in 1080p or 4K. Effortlessly import any Sketchup models of buildings or venues without any file conversion required.
  • Powerful Rack Layout : Use Finale’s “Add racks for show” functions or layout the racks yourself by dragging-and-dropping from a palette of predefined or custom racks.
  • Customizable Reports : Reports and labels are all fully customizable.
  • Advanced Addressing Methods : Everyone has a different process for assigning firing system addresses. Finale 3D supports them all.
  • Multiple Firing Systems : Finale 3D supports every major firing system — about 30 in all — in addition to the new firing systems with DMX output for flame and special effects.
  • Inventory Management : Import inventory from CSV, MDB, or EFX files. Finale 3D creates simulations automatically from the descriptions and specifications like prefire, duration, or height.
  • Audio Editing : If you prefer to create your own sound track within Finale you can import multiple songs and edit, crop, and fade the songs to build your sound track directly on the timeline.
  • Labels : Design your own label templates for stickers of any dimensions or format, including presets for popular Avery labels printed on sheets and Dymo labels printed in rolls.

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Technical Overview

A online firework software selling system developed for fireworks professionals and hobbyists in WordPress. Developed custom WordPress plugin in WordPress to accomplish requirement of selling firework software in online platform.

  • Online Firework Software Selling System
  • PayPal Express And Stripe Payment Gateway Integration
  • Custom WordPress Plugins Development